Puzzle and dragons tips

Farm the rewards in the 7x6 Fever Dungeon by using these skills in order.

Just like the previous Fever, you can flood the board with the color of your choice if you just want the rewards after farming the points.Only Akechi converts Water and he only converts that to Heal, so using Mercury is out of the question as there's nothing that converts Heal to a color of your choice.Green PEMDra: * F/Wa/Wo/L/D/H Board (Fire/Wa/Wo/Light/Dark/Heal)* Yamato > F/Wa/L/H* Akechi > L/H* Michael > Wo/HLight REMDra:* F/Wa/Wo/L/D/H Board* Michael > F/Wa/Wo/H* Yamato > F/Wa/H* Akechi > L/HFire SoniaDra:* F/Wa/Wo/L/D/H Board* Akechi > Wo/L/D/H* Michael > Wo/H* Yamato > F/HYou can't directly convert the heal orbs to another orb, but with this you should have 30 or around 30 of the orbs of your choice.Also good if you want to bump up a level when going for score.

Cotton trade is 4 black medals

[NA] DBDC Buffs are LIVE!

Remember to replay Nightmare Street and Light Warchief Dragon (Mythical) and claim those S-Rank rewards again!

Revo orochi is good lead for fire warchief s rank.

The resolve nullifies the preempt from boss and the combo multiplier is good enough when paired with something like roots


Invades and rare spawns are not the same thing.

There's always a comment in every thread about a new dungeon talking about how rarely something invades, when it isn't an invade. There seems to be a lot of confusion between what an invade is and what's just a rare spawn.* Invades are things like bowl demons or spirit jewels. They completely replace a floor, are of miniboss difficulty, can only happen once per dungoen, and have a 100% drop rate.* Rare spawns are things like Shibamaru and piis. They can happen any number of times in a dugeon, show up alongside other normal floor spawns, and don't have guaranteed drops.

To one shot last floor of Light Guardian Dragon.

Http://puzzleanddragonsforum.com/threads/tip-to-one-shot-last-floor-of-light-guardian-dragon.100916/I was doing the dungeon with this poster, and never realized in my two years of pad that a poison will go through a 1 turn status shield.

You need your Ganesha up for the boss, and 100% SBR, to run Nazca Monday.

I just wanted to put it out there that you can't just run into Monday dungeon with your Nazca and fresh and clean Ganesha. Whomever is going to kill the boss YOU NEED YOUR GANESHA UP. The OE is very important, and necessary to kill the boss.You also need 100% SBR, because the Red Golem CAN MESS YOU UP.So please please keep this in mind, and try not to lose stamina. Especially when you might be relying on it to rank.