Puzzle and dragons tips

PSA: FF Collab gets better and better. Praise EU.

Don't sleep on Rathalos! He is a top tier red sub now!.

Rathalos lvl 110Rathalos is a top tier triple 7c sub now with INSANE stats. If you're looking for a red dmg sub, consider him!

Maintenance starts on Tuesday not Wednesday.

For those who were keeping up with when the next maintenance date was before it was announced to be on Wednesday but now they have updated to be on Tuesday.So does that change anything? For those who open their Byuto dungeon right after they completed the one shot challenge expect to lose out on a couple of hours because the maintenance will kick in before your 24 hours are up.Best time to open Byuto dungeon would be on Wednesday after maintenance but of course there will be those that will open it straight away so this is just a warning for those who want the full 24 hour.

Skill up fodder does not need leveling up anymore!.

All your sprites and chasers etc etc now have the active skill you previously needed to evolve them for. Good luck skilling up!

Farm up a No. 3792 this upcoming June Brides.

I know it has niche uses but if you don't roll a Persephone this event this is the only other monster in the game that voids attribute damage absorb

For those who's trying to get the SBR badge.

In version 12.0, which is the next update, they've updated the quest rankings %. After version 12.0 hits, the cutoffs for the SB badge, Leaders Bind Immune and SBR badge changes from 30%, 20% and 10% respectively to 35%, 30% and 25% respectively. So, we don't have to worry about being in the top 10% if you're only aiming for the badges like me.P.S. This update also brings the box awakening, so hopefully FF collab comes back at that time too!

Mass attack badge for C8.

Maybe this is obvious to everyone else, but I had a really tough time with the tama floor on c8. They have a damage void if you manage to burst above their defense, and they're un-laserable unless you have a 49 damage laser. You can delay, but that requires stalling on an earlier floor.If everyone on your team has a sub-attribute, hitting a mass attack with all attributes for two turns will clear the floor. That's susceptible to orb trolling though, even with a 7x6 board, so I used the mass attack badge. It made the floor cake, and honestly, I'd forgotten the badge even existed.Anyway, small tip, please ignore if it's obvious.