Puzzle and dragons tips

When a monster reduces your movement time for more than one turn you can remove it early.

By dying and using a stone...lol. But seriously you can use a single turn time extension like awoken Bastet or Horus and it removes hades 5 turn time reduction in Hera beorc.

Haven't beat Celestial Black Dragon in Challenge mode yet? Have Goemon? Cheese it in 1 minute (or less) with 4 Rodin + 1 Awoken Horus friends! Super easy!.

The catch is that everyone except Horus needs to be max-skilled and awoken (ok fine Goemon can be turn 16). If your Goemon is not 16, find Rodins with less than 2000 ATK. This will allow you to charge skills as the nuke will not clear the floor, but the poison will. F1-4 Nuke/poison F5 full board + enhance

In my experience, a really good way to activate your leader skill/combo effectively is to stay calm.

I'm sure this has been self-discovered among the player base, but staying calm is a good way to solve your boards well. I find myself averaging around 6 combos on my JP acct when mindlessly farming because I don't feel pressured to preform. On the contrary, I've choked so hard so many times on descends (looking at you, devil rush) by panicking when I make a small mistake when trying to activate Hathor.If you are in a dungeon you want to zero-stone no matter what and you're feeling anxious about your next combo, it may be a good idea to step away from PAD for a few minutes and do something else. That way, you feel fresh, and not burdened for your next combo. Then again, as with many self-proclaimed tips, I may be way off-base. Do what works for you. :-)

If you have a spare device, now is a good time to make an alt, the MTG roll is not rank restricted so it’s instant when you access mail the first time.

Basically if you ever wanted an alt or to have access to a 7x6 leader to pair with your leaders and not having to whale or trade for it (or finding friends because some people change leaders all the time) you can try to free roll a MTG roll if your choice.It will probably be tedious but it is a way to pick what you want, and then you can decide the latent/inherit setup and clear some content and reap the rewards.Just thought I would share this before people liquidate their boxes trying to trade.TBH you can just find friends with 7x6 leaders if that’s all you need, but if you want an alt, night as well have a good start.

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Zhou Yu PADX info warning.

Floor 2 is listed as a preemptive charge up, but if your HP is below 10750~ then the yellow ninja will just attack and kill you. There's no note of it on PADX, so anyone who's looking to get a zhou yu today make sure you heal up before advancing from F1.

Stoning to continue clears bind status.

Not sure if this is widely known or not but in addition to refilling your health stoning during a dungeon will also clear any binds on your team.

Organize your Pad Herder (put mats where mats belong) easily if you use Pad Listener.

I've seen quite a few messy padherders in the team help megathread, so I thought a tip post may be warranted. If you're using PadListener, just go to settings (the three lines in the top left corner) -> sync -> sync materials as monsters? -> never. After the first sync your mats will be in the right place. Then you can switch this setting to "only if already a monster" to continue this trend.A clean padherder allows people who are helping you make teams to go through the list easily and diminishes the probability of them missing a key monster amongst the masks and mythlits.

If your Blonia/Gronias are not max skilled, wait until fruit rotates to evolve them.

This should be known already but just throwing it out there. When I was ulti evoing my Ronia I got 3 skill ups. It's essentially "free" skill ups. It doesn't get more efficient than free. Not that it matters since I still haven't used her even once..