Puzzle and dragons tips

Anubis x Vajrabhairava makes Sunken Serpent F4 really easy.

Resolves are annoying so I thought maybe someone would appreciate this.Good luck to everyone in the new dungeon!

If you don't care about the ranking dungeon, be aware that a score of 0 will still put you at about the 75th percentile.

My overtime cancelled the rest of my score so I ended up with a score in the low hundreds and a 73.4%.

10c combo awakening is 5x ATK :O.

Triple 10c incoming???

Check the rates for highlights regularly; they might be boosted more than usual without being advertised.

This week's REM rotation for JP features the Celtic gods as highlights, and their rates are 2% apiece, instead of the 1.4% seen for highlighted 6* pantheons previously.We thought highlights would be a flat 2x, but this set-up is still new and clearly GungHo is free to do whatever they want. Not sure if this is a one-off though.

For those of you that still need a button team there are 3 farmable buttons with a SB in Ace Descended.

Ouka, Mizuha, and Enju all deal 1000 fixed damage to all enemies and change the top row to their respective colors. They also all bring a skill boost. The only downside is you need to skill them 21 times for the 11cd however you can get up to 3 drops in one run and we're still on 3x skillups.

In the FF collab dungeons, you can skip the final boss's death animation if you tap the screen during the animation.

I've only tested in FF2, and it doesn't seem to work on emenies that have an on-death ability, even if it's just to display text. But it will save you a few seconds per run.

Planning for Awoken DQXQ or Persephone or Ares? Farm some of the materials during Descended Challenge.

Or maybe even some of the other upcoming awoken forms - grab the mats now that are in the Descended Challenge so you don't have to wait for them to rotate around.In Descended Challenge, you can get Beelzebub and Indigo for Persephone. You can get Zhou Yu for DQXQ.Today, you can run Grimoires to get Armadel for Ares, and Journey to the West is coming up later this week for Xuanzang.Not sure when Hephaestus is coming around, so may have to wait for that one.

C9 not so hard just use Ruel

Wise Dragon Series: The eggs require 16 million EXP to reach Lv99 before you can evolve it.

Their evo materials once they reach Lv99 are very trivial though.