Puzzle and dragons tips

MP-purchased Trifruits are efficient if you only need one fruit, and can farm any Mythic+ Rogue on coop.

Mythic+ (Any Rogue) Descended gives 500 MP from the predra floor, plus 25 MP from coop run, and costs 25 stam; this means you get 21 MP per stam. Six runs (150 stamina) nets you 3150 MP, plus the assorted other drops.A specific Trifruit has a 1/3 drop rate and costs 50 stam, averaging out to 150 stam per fruit. They cost 3000 MP to purchase - slightly less than you'd make farming the rogue dungeons.It's a judgement call whether two off-color fruits (on average), one baby TAMADRA, and the assorted fruits, flowers, plants, and seeds is worth more than the drops from six rogue dungeons, but if you only need one color of fruit, the answer is most likely "yes".

Today's mail contains the Final Fantasy monster Moogle.

Just a head's up for anyone who's wondering what's in the mail. Moogle's stats can be found here: https://twitter.com/pad_sexy/status/732776009376751617

Spirit Jewel Rush tomorrow!.

If you're as starved for spirit jewels as I am this is your chance to stock up! http://www.puzzledragonx.com

Your weekly reminder to claim those S-ranks for this week’s Scored Dungeon! (Water Warchief Dragon, ends on Sunday, April 8, 11:59PM UTC-8)

Reminder that the new mail deadline has arrived, mail is starting to expire.

Posting cause I lost some things in the mail)

Titania will not remove Serket's time debuff in the current one-shot challenge.

Either kill Serket in the first 4 turns of that floor, or have a plan to deal with Titania without the extra movement time. Definitely do not go into Titania's floor with a time debuff and low health, because she will do preemptive damage.I learned this the hard way. Luckily, I use Meri, so 1 turn Titania kill anyways.

[NA] Maintenance is over! Make sure to update the App!.

Still no REvo Thor and REvo I&I though :(

Xmas Hera is 7* and can be traded for Py to an Alt.

The Christmas Hera can be traded to an alt account for any Py you have lying without needing to be leveled up or evolved. Also, with the boost to drop rates on certain days she has a very high drop rate on Expert the 25 Stam version, making it very efficient.