Puzzle and dragons tips

Maximizing your PAL point gain for new players ranking up.

In the first hundred ranks you're going to have excess stam before you rank up. What you can simply do is choose the daily dungeon at 1/2 stam and run one of the 2 stam ones and just press back and quit the dungeon when you load in. You get 5/10 PAL pts in less than 10 seconds.I've gotten over 1000 PAL pts that I would not have gotten otherwise starting a new account on JP if I had just wasted all that stam. Also if you're playing on JP, I would recommend saving the 1 stam gift dungeons until the last day so you can use them instead.Also looking for LKali & DQXQ/Osiris/Okuninushi type of friends on JP, ID: 384,882,118.

RAthena will repeatedly lock jammers if able to after the first cycle of attacks.

Saw this is a different post but figured I'd give it a mention since there are multiple applications of this. It was referenced as a "use diaochans to perma unlock and Anubis your way to victory," but for those of us without that doggo, i wanted to low-key promote the other doggo. Just cleared level 10 with D/X Fenrir, and bypassed her 40% threshold by cycling Fenrir actives. Her attack does 41k without shield, ~20k with the jammer 2c shield.

The Pumpkin Joker Dragon (boss drop from Halloween dungeon) has 4 killer awakenings & 7 CD awoken + regular bind clear active skill.

The boss drop from the Halloween dungeon might be worth farming and hanging onto; he's got 2 enhance material killer awakenings and 2 awoken material killer awakenings with a relatively low 7 turn full bind clear (awoken binds too). He also has a cloud resist, 10c and bind resist available as a super awakening. He could find some niche use down the road. And unlike other bosses, he doesn't have a ridiculously long skill up road (12 to 7 turns). I was selling mine until I finally actually looked at him. Funny, once I decided to keep him, I haven't had another one drop (for skill ups).

Indigo may likely 1-shot you (29,533 damage) if you resist both Poison and Jammer orbs pre-emp.

Don't be like me, I was cruising through this dungeon with my A Bastet team, when suddenly Liu Bei's measly 20% jammer resist ends it early! Bring a shield or maybe ditch Liu Bei if he's your only jammer resister. This might have been new news when Indigo came out in JP but I wanted to throw this up here now so more people have a chance at not wasting the 50 Sta. Explanation: If she doesn't have the poison/jammers to cast her lock on, she does her normal attack of ~18k, coupled with the ~11k that always hits, that equals the ~29k damage.

2x drops in coin dungeon means Rare Evo Rush drops 100% on every floor.

Making it worth running right now at least for the stone and 4 evo mats at once.

[JP] 31x plus egg drop rate for Baskin Robbins is not 100% guaranteed plus egg drop.

Not worth running till increased drop rate% is active.