Puzzle and dragons tips

Aemo is the lowest CD inheritable 2-turn haste.

When farming Latents, if you don't want to put 2 SDR on the whole team, you can just put two SDR on Aemo (or whatever inherits her, more likely) and then haste your team back. I used this strategy to farm SDR last event with an Ishida Mitsunari inherit, but his CD is 13 turns and getting the required number of SB to have it ready on f1 was tricky. Aemo's CD is one turn less (12, same as Shivadra), which would have given me a lot more flexibility with team building. There aren't too many 2-turn hastes in the game, and most of them are fairly rare, so hold on to one Aemo for farming/inherit purposes.

Save a Count Pumpkin from the Halloween collab.

Count Pumpkin is a farmable heartmakers with haste which can be used to farm Mzeus with an 100% farmable team.PLEASE NOTE: DON'T AWAKEN YOUR COUNT PUMPKIN. YOU WILL DIE IF YOU RESIST JAMMERS.

If you play co-op only in solo, clear the content you can ASAP!.

Since JP's next maintenance will include removing the solo option in co-op, take the time to clear the stages you can and get those extra stones before it happens! NA will do this eventually, so this applies to you guys too, just that you have more time.And as someone who has never actually touched alt dungeons before realizing that I want these stones, I have to wonder how the hell I'm 2/2 on py spawn/drop (only remembered to screen one of them).

New players who are choo choo-ing the Groove train, make the most use out of your spare staminas by spending them on Tamadras and Predras between Groover runs if possible.

Since no one has said this yet (or I completely missed it). If you are ranking up in the next run but have over 100 staminas, spend some on Tama or Predra before ranking up again. Repeat till the hour is over or you are bored.

[JP] Tamadra Infestation today! All groups before 11 PM Est! Check your Padx!.

Perfect timing too, needed a lot of tamas for my new GF rolls.New SV as well, but it's during the early morning.

Kanetsugu! Up until the 17th a la Yamato Rush, nice for farming if the 9M downloads event also has 10x descends.

Didn't think it was PSA worthy so I just put tip, (is that proper tagging?) Anyway, it'd be seriously cool if the next event had 10x descends to overlap it.Edit: Sorry, Yamato Challenge is what I was talking about, and will be up from the 11th to the 17th.

Stoning Fat metal Dragon.

If you have over 150 stam but not over 197, you can buy King Carnival as a coin dungeon and then run each once per stone.

Use Jord + Avalon Drake + Shazel + Tardis/Gunma to beat Satan (details in comments)

Padx - slight error on one-shot challenge lvl 6.

On floor 4 if you get Zhou Yun - Padx says he absorbs attacks 4 and under but I just ran it - he absorbs attacks for 5 combos and under - make that extra combo.