Puzzle and dragons tips

Change the World Active are lifesavers on March Challenge level 9.

Myr allowed me to easily make a VDP board in 12 seconds. You guys don't have to go through the trouble of cheesing.

I beat c10 using alb and here is how.

So I just beat c10,Team1: Alb / dios / dios / dios / a.kush (can be replaced with anyone with a skill that adds combos)Team2: Alb / Rodin(any poison) / Dios / Griffon (any green enhance) / vaan (any two row maker like vaan)You'll need to be able to block the delay on floor one, with sdr or long inherits on at least like two of the diosF1: P1 Dios pass, p2 poison killF2: P1 dios killF3 P2 dios enhance vaan pass, P1 add combos and killIt worked great :P

PreDras tomorrow - skill up your Zuoh!.

Be sure to run the hell out of tomorrow's PreDra guerrilla dungeon if you roll a Zuoh during this GodFest (or if you just have one lying around). You'll be hard-pressed to find an easier way to skill up a monster than Baby PreDras, which are on Zuoh's skill this rotation. Run the lower cost version of the dungeon to maximize your Baby PreDra haul and go for it!

Getting above HP Thresholds for S Rank.

The +egg Pem rolls provide 1k hp and only 1 rarity. Threw a couple on the team to get above the HP threshold.https://imgur.com/gallery/Nox9o

Poison Anubis to counter his board change.

If you poison Anubis on floor 7 you can ignore his full poison board and just stall out the combo shield. After a few failed attempts with 7x6 pairings I killed him with my dmeta team with a Lolith inherited on one of my Hakus.

If Surtr is already fire attribute, he doesn't change attribute to fire like on padx/guide, he does this... rip 3P CTA Run

About PAD on the new iOS 11 public beta.

The public beta just came out, and I went ahead and downloaded it. Pad will work perfectly fine on it. As for the new screen recording feature, which can be located in the Control Center settings, it only records the screen and the phones audio output, assuming your ringer isn’t on silent. It will NOT record your voice, which I know a lot of people were frustrated by with programs like airshou. If you’re planning to update to iOS 11, make sure to save a backup of your phones data (Steps are on Apple’s website). Also, make sure you have your account details in case anything goes wrong (ID, Secret Code, IGN, etc.).

You dont need 2 kiri's to cheese zeus verse

Windsor Head 2885 possible drop in April C10.

Possibly the same rates as MHera but I'm not sure.https://imgur.com/Eafv1WWhttps://imgur.com/mJWxLnX