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TPATanman answers questions (part 2).

Hi. TPATanman here (again). I'm a small time PAD streamer with a little over 500 days of game time. You can find my stream hereI've noticed a lot of help threads lately and want to open up my brain again to spill out my thoughts on whatever help you may ask for. If you need help with team building, direction, combo advice, anything, just ask whatever questions you may have. Last time, I managed to get to every request that was brought (with a bit of delay), so don't be afraid to ask anything.TL;DR: Hi. I answer all PAD questions.edit: it's been about 5 hours. yes, i'm still answering questions.edit2: it's been about 7 hours. i'm going to sleep, but i'll continue answering questions when i wake up.edit3: it's been about 14 hours. i'm awake and answering more questions.

Evo'd Krishna damage #'s.

Just got done playing around in Endless corridors trying to get a handle on how much damage he's doing so I'm not wasting orbs. Loving the 5 connected orb mechanic. Just makes him so much more flexible now, plus if it's your starting point you're immediately making every attack a mass attack. (dmg #'s are total team damage with no, or as few, extra skyfall combos as possible)subs are Kagu, Minerva, red Valk, & Ronia single 4 orb combo - 75k damage (with 2 TPA subs it's basically a mass attack)single 5 orb combo - 150k 3+3 - 500k3+4 - 650k (Kagu 192k TPA)5+3 - 2 million5+4 - 2.5M5+row - 3.2M5+4+3 - 5M5+4+4 - 6M5+3+row - 10M5+row+row - 16M

To Awoken Liu Bei guide writers: Point out that there are two different Zhao Yuns, and one is wrong.

Let's reduce the repeat of the Awoken Meimei debacle, where people spent 1.7 million XP on "zhao yun", whose image looks too damn much like the Zhao Yun that actually works.(awoken meimei when)

Get your obese metal king for your Saraswati UUVO if you haven't already.

Heradra OSC link, OSC ends when post is 14h old.

Http://www.puzzledragonx.com/en/mission.asp?m=2683Link to the upcoming OSC with Heradra boss. Be sure to catch it!

Don't forget you can download the update from your respective app store while maintenance is ongoing!.

It helps the sad, trying moments while the game is inaccessible to pass more easily.

Cloud City floor 7 no awakenings MelxDiablos. Guide in comments

Norse rush has good Evo drops...

Awoken Hel directly trades for a 7-star dark evo orb, and Helheim directly for a 6-star dark evo orb. Consider hoarding these if you're running for SDRs today. Once the next patch hits, they will be considerably more useful.

[Dungeon] Use TPAs, L's, or the Mass Attack badge to take down Hexazeon's sword before the shield!.

Normally, you're forced to only attack Hexazeon's shield first. This is annoying, because the shield ends up getting revived after you take it down anyway, and the shield has a crap ton of hp. But, because the shield is bulkier than the sword, you can utilize TPA's, L's, and mass attacks to take down the sword first. Taking down the sword first skips the shield being revived, so you get to move on to attacking the core much faster.