Puzzle and dragons tips

Coin Descends can have Angel & Reaper invades.

I suppose this should be obvious, but I didn't remember until I ran Athena for the stone.This is particularly useful since Athena is pretty easy for a lot of teams, so you really only need to prepare your team to handle the invades.

If you're using Mitsuki on XM, her skillup is in Shinrabansho Choco Collab 2.

The one on floor 3 drops evolved in Master level and up, if you get the right drop. http://puzzledragonx.com/en/mission.asp?m=1273

2/3 evolution materials for chasers are good to farm today in this dungeon

Bring 100% Jammer resist and you can complete ignore Bomb orbs in Legendary Remains.

Jammer resist awakening resist Bomb orbs too, in case you dont know. I run Minerva and friend bring Minerva along with Fuma/Sakuya and we can ignore the bomb orbs altogether.

Make an uevo Hera-Beorc, June Bride has a SU for her.

Otherwise you have to use max lvl dupes or piis :^)

A. Haku makes Wadatsumi (Ocean God) cake.

I remember being frustrated with this dungeon in my early days. If you have an A. Haku and decent dark subs you can clear this very very easily. No awakenings, no problem!The only problem is U&Y's past 50%. They swap to green and negate your dmg reduction. Make sure to have an active to burst him. Other than that, if you have the HP to tank bursts in early floors this dungeon is absolute cake. You can stall as much as you want.You can throw in a D. Iza to be safer. She charges up fast with A. Haku actives. I also brought a delay (orochi) against Wadatsumi cuz why not? Orochi also offers decent dmg against Leviathan's fire attribute on 2nd floor.Remember, A. Haku now also actives with Hearts. The team I used was: A. Haku / A. Orochi / Persephone / YomiDra / D. Iza.- P.S: If any of you want to attempt Wadatsumi with A. Haku I can put mine up temporarily. ID: 368,762,353. Please message me if you add me.

With legendary earth coming on Monday, make sure to evolve all of your monsters!.

Since the Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday dungeon is here this weekend, now is a wonderful time to evolve all of your fresh rem rolls and revo your awoken monsters so you can max level them during next week.

Challenge 16, Level 10 Athena.

[PSA]This may be common knowledge, but Athena in C16 Lvl 10 will prioritize Hymn of Nike over Starburst. This means if you burst her below 30% in one turn, she will not insta-kill you.Ran RaDra through the dungeon and made a base x144 multipler combo hoping to hit her right above 50%. Got 3 more skyfall combos, one of which was light. Hit her to around 15%, but she decided binding my DKalis was the proper course of action. Happy Clearing.

True Monster level does not effect leveling in Special Challenge.

Just a quick tip in addition to monster cost being the factor of experience earned per stage.Your true monster level DOES NOT effect your level in the dungeon. i.e. if you go in with a level 1 Fat Chocobo it will still level to maximum after 2 stages and provide maximum level stats. While this isnt particularly important information, you can be safe to bring lower costed monster that you didnt bother to bring to max.