Puzzle and dragons tips

GaiaDra Descended Today.

Check your schedule and take this opportunity to get one to evo your OdinDra if you need to. If you need to coop it check the [discord] (https:// discord.gg.pad) for a partner or host.

There is a maintenance in half an hour go kill your stam now.

Heard its gonna be a 10 hour long one

NA Ranking: If you missed Taiga Fujimura from fate, consider making Barioth hunter for fl12.

Or be a chad and combo through it with 7x6

[NA] Maintenance is over

If you're not buying an MP dragon, use the February rewards to evolve Cthulu and friends.

Or hold onto that Ilsix to evolve Mion if you're going for Awoken Alrescha. Ugh.

Take advantage of A4 while it’s at x4 Rank EXP!

Pay attention to the color of your HP number if you're running HP conditional leads.

I feel stupid for being slow at figuring it out, but as a GZL user, I knew I needed to get under a certain amount to activate his leader. The number that shows HP will be yellow if it's under 80%. Blue if above 80 and under 100. Green means full health or is recovering. Or I could have just done the math. Whatever floats the boat.

For those that make mistakes in Descends: write out your gameplan. Example: mine for Devil Rush

Feel like catching an Extreme King Metal Dragon?.

PADX shows him as coming around tomorrow, and with the new skills floating around it's easier than ever!Defense Break/Mystic Mask/Mystic Mask/Mystic Mask/Mystic Mask/GrodinThe only thing you might have trouble with is a defense break. (Droidragon, Shiva, Kenshiro.) But if you have your own Grodin, use a friend!F1: You literally can't die as long as you match orbs. Stall until defense break is ready, then Mystic Mask. F2: Mystic Mask. F3: Mystic Mask. F4: Mystic Mask. F5: Defense break->OdinF1 and F3 can use Liliths or any other poisoner instead of Mystic Mask. If you can only muster one Mask/Lilith that's fine. You'll just need to stall again on floor 3.

I give you perfected dark kirin