Puzzle and dragons tips

Niche Beyzul information regarding Extreme Endless.

If you have a water skyfall active (in particular Zeus Mercury's, not sure what others might cause it), Beyzul does not use his preemptive but instead uses his rage as preemptive. rip me.

Get RCV Latents today in Takeminekata.

Just saying that if you are looking for Latent RCV Tamadras, today is possibly the best time to do it. Based on your team this dungeon shouldn't take more than ~7 turns.I got my 4th RCV Tama on my 26th run for anyone interested.

No need to heal for c8

Final stage of Mion can be trivialized by bringing a time extend skill (ex: Venus or Ra).

The boss stage for Mion has a 99% damage reduction on turn 1, 75% combo reduction time on turn two followed by 500k nullify damage for five turns. There is a window on turn two where you can cancel the 75% move time reduction with your own orb extend active. Ra and Venus work great for Myr farm teams. Pop a burst combo on turn two and one shot to avoid the nonsense.

C10 Parvati + gravities.

[Hopefully this doesn't binned because of the megathreads, but megathreads tend to get cluttered and this is a one-off strat I discovered against Parvati so I just wanted to give it it's own dedicated space.] If you find yourself dropping Parvati close to 30% and you feel that you can't safely kill her; you can use gravities to heal her. Sakuya's Gravity for example, (which is only 20%) will still heal her if she's at 34% HP or above. It's a quick way to buy yourself some more breathing room without having to resort to fully healing her.

[NA] Athena Descended (today) is a good place to get a Gigas if you want one for Tengu in Challenge Descended 8 starting tomorrow.

The Goddess Descended drops Gigas on floor 1 with a semi-decent rate, he can be used on a Guan Yinping team for Tengu in Challenge 8. Farm yours today if you need one.

Bring a Fujin Active Skill on today’s +297 Beelzebub Descended!.

The last floor has an annoying Damage Absorb, and I don’t have my trusty Blujin with me :(At least it’s only for 5 turns lol

Do not override or stall out Revo Fenrir Knight Kamui’s match time debuff should you encounter him.

Assuming you can still match properly and one shot him, you could encounter Mion and Persephone right after him. They won’t activate their time debuff if there’s already a time debuff in place!Unless you’re using Anublos and have Tardis, then disregard this lol

Slightly easier way to re-favorite your cards.

Go to Sell Monsters. Switch to "Not Set" tab, and sort by MP. As you favorite the cards, they'll become unavailable to sell and go to the bottom of the screen.Hope this helps anyone. It's happened to me twice, so I'd love to know how to prevent this (or any better ways to re-favorite).