Puzzle and dragons tips

Tamadra Dungeon is today if you need it.

Tamadras! Didn't utilize the 5 coin dungeons enough and really needed it. Saving my stamina for tonight.

When doing “Egyptian Gods-Awakening Materials!” Guerilla dungeon, be careful when doing “Awoken Ra”; Sopdeath is the first floor.

The June Megathread has been moved to the important links bar at the top

Indigo finally coming back January 21st! Wake up your Thor!.

Finally, after not getting indigo since it's debut, she's descending on the 21st to grace our Thors with her presence.

If rolling for Eschamali, Finish before your Super King Guerrilla.

I just wanted to put it out there for everyone rolling for Echemalli, to do so before your groups Super King Carnival. Reasons Why:* Echemali Skill-up mob is Super Metal Queen.* 2.5x Skill-up rate.* Super Metal Queen skill rotates on Thursday.* You will punch yourself if you don't.Good luck!!