Puzzle and dragons tips

1.5x Tengu-Master best for +eggs at rank 567+.

Tengu-Master in coins with 1.5x is as good as (and becomes better than):* 1x Hera-Sowilo from rank 468* Kanetsugu from rank 552* Deus Ex Machina from rank 553* 1.5x coin Hera-Sowilo from rank 567The +egg charts have been updated as well.

Spirit Jewel Rush is tomorrow.

Just wanted to remind people that spirit jewel rush is one of the guerrillas tomorrow. It sucks if you miss it and Its easy to miss if you don't check padx every day so hopefully this post helps some people out.

[Brag] Make sure you only feed your snowglobes one at a time!

Whaledor is popping up today.

I've seen a few people post that they need a few whales, but always seem to miss it when it comes around. Check your LTD schedule for times.

New Sakuya users looking to get awoken, I will carry you through Dragon Rush(L+).

If you're reading this right now, tough luck. You are the 16th or more person to request and I can't deal with it.