Top 10 Psatip tips

If you run out of hones with a character that has en-element and chase mechanic, use Attack! This will still trigger the chase if en-element is active. I was able to beat Adamantoise using Barbie’s chase this way.

Reflect + Magic Lure/Sentinel is amazing.

If you're not using a Runic effect ; and if you have Greg's BSB ; another BSB with Sentinel or just a Knight with a free slot to fit Magic Lure in ; You definitely might want to try bringing Reflect and use it on your luring character.Yes, it will only Reflect Firagas and Blizzagas. But that's a decent piece of damage taken out of the picture, especially in the later phase. But it will also bring in decent DPS :- **Firagas/Blizzagas reflected from the piggies hit for 4~4.5k on a neutral target, and 6.5~7k on the weak ones in D200, and that's increased to around 5.5k neutral ; 8k weak on D250 !**If you have a way to heal that character (healer BSB command 2, spammable medica, self-healing)... it's absolutely amazing.

How to measure the max HP of a boss.

Cast Regen on it. Regen restores 3% of max HP per second.I believe Poison also accomplishes the same effect, but it's not uncommon for bosses to be resistant to many status effects, while there's no obvious reason for the devs to make them resistant to buffs. You also don't need to rely on the low success rate of poison abilities.

Make sure someone brings a Gilgamesh.

Draw Fire / Retaliate works wonders for phase 1 and 3. Phase 2 (When the companion comes out) is the real challenge, but Drawtalliate mitigates a tooooon of damage and counters the triple-hit ability that the boss uses. I brought mine with Eiko spamming reraise SSB and we just mastered it with zero deaths.

Dark Bahamut Flaring himself counts toward the non-elemental damage medal.

Just to make everyone aware. If you dispel his reflect and he casts Flare on himself, it counts for the medal. I tested this myself and it works. One less ability you have to bring!

This event and the next 3 each have two Sundailies in their schedule.

Useful to consider if your first go with a CM team lacks what you need after already spending a day levelling a team. This event goes away during the next Sundaily so you don't have a full day there, but then the next two have two full days available, and then the 3rd next has the latter part of the first one and then a full day the next. From there we go back to only one in each event time frame for the next 3, then next 4 from there two each, and so on and so forth.

Brynhildr (FFXIII) can be paralyzed in her Classic and Elite paintings.

It was mentionned here and there, but I think this deserves a little more visibility: Brynhildr can be paralyzed, making the fight quite a lot easier if it sticks (and if you don't want to rely on Tauntaliate). She still hit like a truck though, so bring mitigation just in case. Edition: Don't mind the additional PSA/Tip. I thought we needed to write that in the title to make it apparent. Turns out we can directly choose the label after creating the subject.

Speed up the loot screen.

The loot screen is annoying because 3* items play an animation in a popup window, then after you dismiss the window you have to wait for the same animation to play on the main loot screen. Here is a way to speed things up: When the first popup window appears, tap the bottom of the screen (in the dimmed out main loot window) before you do anything else. This will cancel all the animations on the main loot window. You still have to wait for the popup animations and click OK each time, but the total looting time is cut by around half. I hope this will make Festive Fantasy a little more festive for you.

Y'shtola's Medica II (AoE Heal+Esuna) doesn't cure Sap.

Just tested it myself, went into Fabul Castle with Y'shtola+Tyro RM3 and someone else with Dragoon's Determination, Sap was still ticking away just fine after Medica II went off. (I love how Cloud/Tyro RM3 makes it so much more convenient to test SBs like this.)This is fantastic news for those of you who (like me) have no AoE heal other than Medica II, since it means it won't be a death sentence during the fight.