Top 10 Protein tips

For a high-protein alternative to cream use a Milk Frother to mix Whey/Casein into coffee without clumping!.

Https:// (mp4)For the majority of my recent 2-year fitness journey, my "breakfast" was simply protein powder and coffee (multiple cups). However, mixing with a spoon and/or shaking always yielded unappetizing clumps or way more foam than I prefer. There is the "paste" method but because I drank multiple cups a day it was a bit of a pain. I randomly tried using an ordinary milk frother and was surprised to see it make blending whey/casein into a coffee a breeze! Preparation is seamless as long as the mug isn't too full when you are mixing. Note that Casein does tend to take on a bit of a sludge texture in hot coffee. It hasn't bothered me as it makes the coffee thicker, but can look a little weird when you get to the bottom of your mug.Hope this helps.