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Complete Python Bootcamp: Go From Zero to Hero in Python 3

If you don’t know where to start, this next course that is available at Udemy is a perfect starting point for everyone seeking to master programming. Being one of the #1 programming languages of the past years, Python is something you definitely want to learn. Despite its popularity, Python is also excellent due to its intuitiveness. It is very easy to master. And, with the tips and tricks from real pros that you will learn from this course, mastering this language will get even simpler. So, don’t miss the chance!

Understanding Web Development: A Beginners Guide to the Web

In case you need to gain knowledge piece by piece from the very basics, this course will give you a great introduction to programming and web development, in particular. This course offers an excellent overview of the basic concepts and shares a bunch of handy tips and tricks with you. Best part? If you are new to SkillShare, once you register, you can use the platform and try different courses free of charge for an entire month. There are no risks for you. So, if it got you interested, you should better give it a try.

Radio Firmware

Do you have a recent level of firmware in your radio?  There are some relevant improvements and bug fixes in newer firmware levels, and it is easy to check. Turn your radio off.  Press and hold the ‘3’ key, and while holding it, turn your radio on.  Release the ‘3’ key. Your display will show the firmware level in the radio.  It will say something like VER BFB297 You want your radio to be version 297 or higher.  This software has been out since about Nov/Dec 2012, and if your radio has a lower version firmware, that means you’re getting old stock.  More to the point, earlier version firmwares have some bugs in them, and – most to the point – the firmware in your radio can not be updated. We’d recommend that if you get a radio with an earlier firmware, you contact your seller and ask for an exchange for a more recent version radio, or simply return it if they can’t/won’t/don’t offer an exchange. This is one of the benefits of dealing with Amazon (the link takes you straight to their UV-5R page) – not only do they have great prices, and fast free shipping if you’re a Prime member, they also have great return policies. At the time of writing (April 2013), we are still occasionally hearing of people getting stuck with old stock radios.  Don’t let it be you.

Take breaks

If you think that sitting in front of the computer for hours and trying to understand everything in one go will make you a good programmer, then you are completely off track. This way, you will never retain whatever coding you learnt. Instead, it is better to learn coding in chunks. A technique like the Pomodoro technique, where you have to learn with the focused attention of 25 min and then take a 5 minutes break, can be helpful. Do 2 to 3 cycles of it. This is one of the best programming tips and tricks used by several developers. This will give you a good time to refresh your mind and start again with a new perspective. This will make you learn programming faster.

Learn to use the debugger

A debugger is to programmers what Grammarly is to content writers. In programming, making a lot of mistakes is very common, and it is completely acceptable. A debugger will tell you the errors that you made while coding. Check your errors and run some code, check again, find more errors, and run some more code. Eventually, you will become more efficient and make fewer mistakes. This is one of the most common ways to learn coding faster.

Use online resources

If you don’t find an answer, ask someone and if you don’t get your answer from them too, look for online resources. There are tons of YouTube videos, articles and Quora answers that will explain the same concept differently and help you learn programming on your own. These resources can help you learn and understand complex topics quickly and easily. Some of the resources that you can seek guidance and help from if you get stuck are freecodecamp, Udemy, Coursera. Also, you can read many articles related to programming on Stackoverflow, Reddit and other such online communities.

Discuss and ask for help

One great way to learn a new programming language faster is to get involved in discussions. Discussion helps us to recall and retain our learning; also, through discussion, you will get new information from your peers that you might not be aware of. This makes the learning process interesting and fun. Similarly, asking questions and seeking feedback is a great way to learn to program. Coders are also always excited to teach amateurs and help them learn. This is a great way to identify your mistakes and understand a concept from different perspectives.

Practice Coding with Pen & Paper

You must be wondering why you should be coding by hand. It is time-consuming; you can’t check if your code is right midway, and the application of coding is only possible on a computer. So why should you code by hand? Well, the reason is the interview. In interviews, the candidate is often asked to write a code on paper or a whiteboard. Also, for school or college exams, you need to show your coding skills on paper. Coding using pen and paper will make you a more sound developer as you will be more cautious about writing since you can’t check your progress midway. Such old school programming tips and tricks will increase your proficiency and will help you program faster and easier.

Learn by doing

As they say, practice makes a man perfect, and it is pervasive in all the activities, let alone learning a programming language. You have to practise your coding skills regularly. You can’t just read a topic from a book and leave it and never come back. You have to make your hands dirty. When you practice coding, you will face many problems, and to solve them, you have to revisit the topic. This simple practice will help you retain all information for a longer period. When you write your code and play with it, try new codes, experiment with it, and look at the results, you will find errors that you will optimise. This regular practice will make you a better programmer. You can work on personal projects, participate in hackathons, play coding games and many more things.

Understand the fundamentals

Many people tend to ignore programming fundamentals because it seems very easy or boring and move on to the next chapter. This leads them to get stuck on the advanced concepts of programming, and hence they have to return to the fundamentals again, and therefore they end up wasting a lot of time. So if you want to learn programming faster, you should never miss your programming 101 classes. Understand the basics and then onto the next part.

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