Productivity tips

Follow naming conventions for teams

Proper naming of teams prevents creation of teams with the same names  and hence, eliminates confusions in searching a relevant team. By imposing team naming policies, users can gain more clarity while creating their teams such as, for which project it is created, which department it belongs to and so on.

Configure bulk updates

Editing multiple teams one by one is time consuming, especially when they all need the same inputs. The phenomenon is frustrating for administrators who are supposed to work in a fast-paced environment dealing with hundreds of thousands of teams. Ability to update a bunch of records in a snap reduces context switching and improves user efficiency.

Create expiry-policy for teams

Random teams floating all around Teams environment is not good for the health of MS Teams. It is important to manage the lifecycle of teams by configuring expiration policies for their archival or deletion. The intention behind creation of teams is a business purpose to fulfill. Inactive teams or teams that are no longer in often cause content overloading and mismanagement.

Use analytics within Teams

By gaining insights into teams’ activities, it gets lot easier for business managers, administrators and owners to check teams’ performance and detect any anomaly, if exists. This further helps in taking informed business decisions or actions to resolve complicacies and fulfill company’s goals effectively.

Create tags within a team

Categorization of teams promotes findability. Tagging or labeling a team is the easiest and best way to classify teams. This helps in better search and organization of teams based on their department, project type or location and so on.

Automate team creation

Applying stringent rules or restrictions to use MS Teams platform freely can diminish user enthusiasm to take ownership of their tasks. By activating self-service, you can allow end users to create teams and empower them to collaborate efficiently. Also, it develops a sense of belonging to the platform. Furthermore, with an approval system in place, administrator can ensure that the teams created by users are purposeful and relevant to the business.

Go back to Windows 7 or 8.1

Well, after everything, if you decide that Windows 10 isn’t really for you and you decide that finally, the older versions were better suited for you, wait for it; all hope isn’t lost. You can step back and take the reverse leap into Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. You’ll have a month to go back to the old version so you can make sure that it is what you really want. Also, keep in mind that you save all the files that are important. You can do this by uploading them on Google Drive or OneDrive or even back them up using an external hard disk. You can go back to the Windows Menu and click on the Update & Security option. Next, click on Recovery, and you should now see an option that says Go back to Windows 7 or 8.1, depending on the last version you were using before you switched to Windows 10. You will also be asked to fill out a form explaining why you are switching back, and then the process will start. This will take a brief period of time, and you will soon be good to go! I hope these tips and tricks help you get the best out of Windows 10!

Make your privacy a priority

Once you have installed Windows 10, make you have selected Custom Install so that you are able to configure and modify your privacy settings. If you go with the Express Install, you’ll be agreeing to the thing you don’t want to, like data sharing and personal information sharing. If you have already done the installation with the Express settings, don’t worry, you can undo it all by going to Windows followed by Settings and Privacy. Select or unselect your desired privacy settings, and you should be good to go!

Get Some Exercise

Not to be too repetitive, but healthy people are more productive. Exercise makes you healthier, so be sure to get some exercise every day. You don’t need to spend hours at the gym to get the benefit of this; take a walk around the block, or do some isometrics at your desk. Try these 29 Exercises You Can Do At (Or Near) Your Desk or 15 Simple And Quick Office Stretches To Boost Work Efficiency. Just do something to get your heart pumping and your blood racing. It will enhance your general well being as well as your ability to think more clearly.

Print to PDF

Now you can print a document or save it as a PDF without having to install a third-party application. This makes it a lot easier to save and share documents that have to be modified. This is honestly a long-overdue feature which is very welcome.