Pro ed tips

Leave wrappers/food packaging lying around to convince people that you eat more than you do.

Either save wrappers from binges or throw the contents out and save the empty wrappers. Since I still live at home I leave them lying around my room or go to throw them out while my family is in the kitchen. This makes it more convincing when I try to get out of eating much dinner by claiming that I ate a lot during the day

Arctic Zero.

I just discovered some really low calorie ice cream!!! I just found Arctic Zero and I was able to eat a whole cup of ice cream for only 70 calories. It actually tasted good and helped me with my period cravings. I had the cookie shake flavor and it was absolutely delicious.

Cure constipation almost without fail: some home remedies for constipation.

Workout tip?.

Most people listen to pump up songs while they work out but I like listening to depressing songs that remind me of how worthless I am. It motivates me to be smaller. (Sorry for all the emo posts )

Exercise on Caffeine.

Exercising on no carbs is sort of difficult because you'll feel sluggish. The solution to this is to exercise on caffeine. Try diet energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster, or use diet pills that have a lot of caffeine in them. It'll make you feel like you're exercising on at least 800 calories. This way, you'll burn a ton of calories without having to actually consume that many.

Work as a cook.

On mobile flair as rant or rave or humor. I work in a kitchen and can eat a lot of food for free or at least free shift meals and I can't bring myself most of the time because.All the servers are skinny vegans who don't eat much.All the other cooks eat too much and I don't want to look like I'm out of control or have impulse control.I need to know how many calories are in my food so I don't eat anything I didn't personally measure and cook.I don't have time to cook my own food or eat on breaks.The gluttony of our customers makes me want to swear off food every day because I don't want to be a fat vegan.A lot of our customers are either fat or super skinny and I don't want to be a fat vegan so I guess redundant.In conclusion working in a restaurant when your disordered is super fun...not. kill me..Willow.

Browse files and directories with ease

Speaking of searching for files, this great browser extension called Octotree helps you navigate directories, and open files with a familiar tree-like structure. Bonus points: It works with GitHub Enterprise 🙌 Fun fact: I reached out to the author about supporting GitHub Enterprise a few years ago. If you’re building a browser extension for GitHub, and want to make sure it works for GitHub Enterprise, you can get a developer license by joining the GitHub Developer Program.

Fuzzy file finder

I think I was working at GitHub for over a year before I discovered that we had a fuzzy file finder. Press t in any repository to access it and start typing the name of the file you want to find. I used to find it invaluable jumping into new Rails projects and quickly looking for schema.rb to get a feel for the app.

Be alerted to new notifications

On the topic of browser extensions, this project from @sindresorhus tells you exactly how many GitHub notifications are waiting with an unobtrusive icon on your toolbar. You can enable Desktop notifications too if that’s your jam. It also works with GitHub Enterprise. All you have to do is change the API endpoint to match your instance’s URL (for example,