Pro ed tips

Use ground flax (or chia) and water as a vegan low-cal substitute for eggs when cooking and baking

Flavor your rice cakes with Mrs. Dash! (no salt, 0 cal).

Here are the flavors they offer. Mustard is also a low-cal topping!

Retaining a lot of water due to changes in diet.

Hello! I just moved out on my own for the first time and I am learning how to cook. I usually just do one "big" meal at the end of the day with chicken or fish and some kind of vegetable. I noticed that even though I was tracking all my calories I've been developing a bit of a belly. I looked into MFP more closely and realized that I've been eating a disgusting amount of salt everyday (~4000 mg o_o). I think this must be the culprit because I've only gained about 1-2 lbs since moving out but my hips are disappearing! I'm having some people over this weekend for a pool party and I cannot stand looking like this. Is a water fast the best way to get rid of this or are there any other teas/supplements I could take to help speed this along?

Charlie's Angels.

Specifically Cameron Diaz' body in that movie is amazing and they focus on it a lot. I just watched it on Hulu

Whiten Teeth.

The whitening strips that you can buy at the pharmacy are vile. They have this disgusting plastic mint taste.Therefore, they kill appetite pretty well. Even if you don't mind the taste, you can't eat for like half hour after you apply the strips. They're also a decent excuse for not eating.

Carry Around an Emergency Bottle of Water.

Or keep it in the kitchen. When you're about to binge, drink all of it very quickly. Then refill and repeat. The reason why you keep it in a bottle is that it's close by. When you're about to binge, you might not be thinking as straight as to drink water first.


Painting takes a while to do, and you cannot possibly eat while you paint. I oil paint, and the fumes kill appetite, and I'll paint for hours. If you're about to binge, just start painting. A great way to do this is to oil paint in layers so that you can always return to the canvas at any time, and paint another layer whenever you feel like you're going to binge.

Snacks under 50 calories

Comparing stats!.

Better than salads!.

Getting a salad in a restaurant is a stereotypical ED/dieter/skinny girl thing, right? Sadly, restaurant salads aren't always skinny-friendly. They usually have lots of cheese, dressing, fried/breaded meats, etc. At least for me, half a tomato and a few cups of iceberg aren't worth the fatty 800+ cals restaurant salads can easily be.So what do you do instead? Soups! Even the creamy high-cal soups tend to be better than anything else on the menu, and vegetable/clear broth-based soups can be 150-200cals, especially if you get a cup vs. a bowl. And no one cracks jokes about soup being 'rabbit food'!