Pro ed tips

Easy fiber powder packs helps keep you full, low cal, and helps digestion during fasting.

I'm in love with these fiber powder packs. I got my from CVS and they come in different flavors. When I'm fasting it helps me drink more water, and also helps with digestion. Fiber keeps you full longer and a great distraction when hunger panges attack. It's around 20 calories I think. Anyone enjoy using them? :)

Store packaged food with the nutrition label side facing towards you.

If I open up the pantry and the first thing I see are deliciously photoshopped pictures of crackers or cereal, I'm much more likely to overeat. But you can't ignore the facts if they're staring right at you.

When running, if you feel like you must stop, run faster.

I'm not quite sure how this works, but I think when you push your body even more, it makes your body release endorphins. This only works if your legs are tired, but your lungs and heart feel okay. You can get rid of the fatigue in your legs by running to almost full sprint for maybe 15 seconds until your lungs hurt, then slow to your original pace to catch your breath. No matter what, don't walk. Walking causes like a sort of a reset in your body and will make you feel tired.

[discussion] [recipe] alternatives for cravings.

What are some of your alternative for cravings, or low cal/safe recipes? I like to make green tea with stevia, put the tea in ice cube trays and snack on the ice cubes when i have a sweet/ice cream craving. also freezing chocolate/vanilla almond milk and adding fruit is a good one for sweet/cold cravings.

Quest Bars.

So I recently discovered Quest protein bars. They might be a little too high calorie for some (they range from about 160 to 210 calories) but they are super, super filling without making you feel bloated. When I eat one, I stay full for at least six or seven hours. They have 20 grams of protein, which is good for your health, and they are very low-carb. Plus, if you have a sweet tooth, they have some nice flavors like cookies n' cream, cinnamon roll, and cookie dough (although some of their flavors are disgusting). I don't think they're as healthy as real food, but they're a good source of protein and you can get by on just one for most of the day.

First Timers Should Purge in the Shower.

First, you shouldn't purge because it's addicting and doesn't get rid of all the calories, and the average bulimic is overweight. So purging should be like last resort rather than a way to lose weight.Now if you must start purging, you should first try purging in the shower. The running water and the warmth makes it a lot nicer than just standing over the toilet. Water on your hands also help. Just makes sure there's no hair in the drain to catch food particles. The reason why you shouldn't purge in the shower all the time is because you will eventually clog the drain. One time is okay, but not all the time. Also, use common sense. Purging chocolate or ice cream in the shower is okay. Purging pizza is not. In the end, just stick to restricting if only because it's more effective.

Alternative to Shirataki Noodles (konjac yam): Kelp Noodles

Get caffeine capsules, not tablets.

I got the walgreens brand caffeine tablets to complete my ec stack and they are cheap. dear god. they melt in your mouth the INSTANT you put it in there. i cant swallow it i have to cut it up into four pieces and even then it's god awful. the taste is DISGUSTING. and if it melts enough before you swallow it the taste gets stuck in the back of your throat and ugh. just, get the capsule ones that don't disintegrate in .3 seconds. you'll thank me later.