Pro ed tips

Cut Your Electric Bill 8

A watched pot never boils, it is said. I’m not so sure about that. When I was a kid I kept my eye on a pot on the stove, and sure enough, it boiled. Electric bills are out of control. There are so many phantom energy drains in the average home that half or more of electricity consumption goes down the drain without any benefit to the homeowner. Read more about recording your electricity consumption here. This one simple step can lower your energy costs significantly.

Don't tell others what you think their size is???.

So I got a new job and their manager asked if I would like my uniform in a size large. I wear a size small or medium. Ruined my entire day and ended up binging on an entire pizza. Feel like I'm delusional and actually buying smaller sizes than I should. Do I look larger than I actually am at a bmi of 20? Messed up everything in my head.Really the takeaway from this is that I am dumb and get offended too easily.

3 shots of vodka and passing out are significantly less calories than a binge

For Americans that have a Dollar Tree nearby..

30 "Energy" Tablets (80mg of caffeine each), ONE DOLLAR. I did the math, normally I buy these at CVS, and it's 11.50 for 80 capsules of 200mg. This would be 1,391.3mg per dollar. (At Dollar Tree, it would be 2,400mg per dollar) ======================= 30 "Green Tea Slim" Tablets (40mg Chromium, 100mg Green Tea Leaf Extract, 25mg Yerba Mate Leaf Extract, 25mg Apple Cider Vinegar Powder), ONE DOLLAR. (This one may be worth less than your other Green Tea Extract, depending on what you get and what other ingredients are in it) ======================= Just something I thought might help some people! Unfortunately they also stock Pixie Stix for a dollar, one of my many weaknesses...

ED Friendly "junk foods".

I mentioned here earlier that I eat a lot of low calorie junk food because it looks less suspicious/concerning to my friends and family. Some of my favorites are:Simple Truth Crinkle Cut French Fries (110 cal for 28 fries)Hebrew National 97% Fat Free Beef Frank (50 cal)Kraft Mac and Cheese Cups (220 for the cup)Sugarfeee Jello (10 cal) and pudding (60 cal)Halo Top (obviously)PB2 (45 for 2 tablespoons)Amy's Frozen Burritos (230-300 cal, depending on type)Spaghettios (180 cal)Most canned soups (100-200 cal)Sara Lee Diet Bread (45 cal per slice)Marshmallows (100 cal for 4)Diet Swiss Miss (25 cal per envelope) and sugarfree syrupsA lot of prepackaged frozen meals are also good. What are some of your favorites? I would love to add to my list.

Make Propel/Powerade popsicles if you have trouble with the texture (or just cause popsicles)!.

Something about the texture of zero cal Propel and Powerade is a problem for me. No flavor issues, I just can't deal with more than one sip before I quit. Too... syrupy or something? Either way, making popsicles out of them totally eliminates this problem for me (plus it's delicious and dessert-y).I am pretty sure my heart would have stopped during a fast by now if I hadn't figured this out, hope it's helpful for someone else!

Vitamins (fasting, but applies across the board).

For those who need/choose to take vitamins, this may be helpful for you.It's well known that iron can be hard to keep down. For me, even slow release creates some impressive projectile vomit in 5 mins -.-. Even without iron, though, I was having major nausea with my vitamins, especially while fasting. Did some research, and it's either the zinc (more likely) or the vitamin B. Both can cause nausea, particularly on an empty stomach.So if you're fasting for short periods, and you don't absolutely need it, I'd skip iron, zinc, and vitamin B until you can cushion your stomach. For me, this means I skip my multivitamin and 1 other on fasting days.

Become vegetarian/vegan.

Becoming vegetarian or vegan is a really great way to avoid eating certain high calorie food groups. Vegan, in particular, eliminates most desert groups as many deserts have dairy in it.Also, for some reason you'll rarely binge on these food groups. I've been vegetarian for six years, and even when I binge, I won't binge on meat. I think it's just a mental trick. I convince myself that meat is absolutely forbidden, and my body won't crave it even if I'm really hungry. I'm going to try to become a vegan in order to eliminate even more foods to binge on. Honestly, food and cravings are all just in the mind. Becoming vegetarian is just a way for me to trick my mind into outlawing certain foods.

MFP problem - doesn't count exercise calories from pedometer app!.

Helpp! slightly off topic, but I can't figure out how to turn it back on. I use the pacer app that MFP recommends and I've tried resetting both apps.