Pro ed tips

Pick weapons based on the map

Thankfully, you are able to access your entire armory during a match. You can use this to your advantage; modify your load-out during a match to pick the most effective weapons during a battle. For example, in a close-quarters map, the best weapons to use are ones which can do area damage, since you will be able to damage multiple enemies at once. In a larger map, you may choose to select weapons with high range, such as scoped assault rifles, heavy items that shoot straight projectiles, etc.

Keep switching through all your weapons

Pixel Gun offers you something few other mobile FPS games can offer, that is 6 weapon slots. You should utilize all of these as best as possible in order to make the best of every weapon you have. A good strategy is to repeatedly switch between weapons after each time you fire. This makes you much more unpredictable and your attacks will be much more diverse.