Top 10 Pics tips

Keep it simple

Don’t try to pack too many elements into your image; it will just end up looking messy. If you just include one or two points of interest, your audience won’t be confused at where they should be looking or what they should be looking at.

Tighten your wired notebook ends before they come loose in a month and drive you insane

Things Your Photography Contract Must Include

A photography contract for family photography is to ensure both parties retain their rights. It makes sure that neither side can do anything with the images that were not pre-discussed and agreed upon. Risk of prosecution from either side can be enforced if consent was not given. One rule for photographing people is to get a model release. This is a contract between both parties, allowing the use of the model’s image. Most stock photography requires this if you wish to sell the images online. Read here for the other nine tips on what your photography contract needs to have.

Read your camera’s manual

The best way to know what to do with your camera is to actually read the manual. So many people miss this really important step on their photographic journey. Every camera is different, so by reading the manual you’ll get to know all the funky things it’s capable of.

Don’t get bogged down by equipment

We’ve all seen these types of photographers out and about. They usually have three or four different cameras strapped around their necks with lenses long enough for an African safari. In reality, there’s probably no need for all that equipment. One body with one or two lenses means that you’ll be freer in your movements to capture interesting angles or subjects on the move.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram

As a safe online practice, you should enable two-factor authentication on Instagram and other social media platforms. It will require a user to go through a second authentication method while logging into the Instagram account– either through a one-time verification code, authentication app or a backup code. In case of a data leak, the two-factor authentication will act as a shield to your Instagram account. So to enable it, open the Profile section and move to Settings under the hamburger menu. After that, tap on “Security” and choose the Two-factor authentication option. Next, tap on “Get Started” and then choose your desired security method. That’s it. For more detailed instructions, head over to our dedicated article on how to enable Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram.


Variation is key. I often use a recipe from Life Magazine picture editors for building a story narrative. I look for: over-all shots or scene-setters, interaction, action, portraits, details, medium shots and of course the signature image. Having this list in my head helps me start photographing a story that sometimes isn’t visually apparent until you get into it. This is great when you’re in a crowded or busy place. — Heather Faulkner

Use Instagram on Desktop

Instagram is generally seen as a mobile-first platform and rightly so. However, for some time, the company has been working on a lot of features for its desktop version. There is a dedicated Instagram app on Microsoft Store, a solid PWA on the web and more. Not to mention, you get all the major features like Direct Message and the ability to publish photos and videos right from your computer. So I would recommend you try out Instagram on your desktop and see whether it provides you a different perspective on the bigger screen. You can go through our detailed article on how to use Instagram on desktop computers.

View Instagram Like Counts

We all know that Instagram is testing to hide like counts in many countries. Initially, the company started hiding like counts in Canada and further introduced the test to Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. However, recent reports suggest that Instagram is now hiding like counts globally for many users. So if you have been selected by Instagram for the testing, worry not, you can still view your like count. You can install The Return of the likes extension (Free) on Google Chrome and can view like and comment counts instantly. I know, you will have to use a desktop computer to install the extension but there seems no other way. Nevertheless, go through our guide on how to install Chrome extensions on Android and check if the above extension is working on smartphones or not.

Saving Instagram Stories

If you have been using Instagram for a while, you know that the service doesn’t allow you to save Stories or even take screenshots without notifying the user. However, there’s a workaround that you can use to save Stories from Instagram easily. To do that on your Android device, first download the Story Saver for Instagram, and then login with your account. Now, the app will show all the Stories which is present on your profile and you can tap on anyone to download them. For iOS devices, the process is a little bit different. First, you will need to download the Story Reposter app on iTunes. The app allows you to search for users by their Instagram username and then download any story which is active on their profile.