Top 10 Pics tips


f/4 is my ‘go to’ aperture. If you use a wide aperture with a long lens (200mm-400mm) you’re able to separate the subject from the background. This helps them stand out. Works every time. — Peter Wallis Peter Wallis is a sports photographer extraordinaire, working for The Courier Mail in Brisbane. You can see his work here.

Group Unfollow

Instagram has finally brought the feature to group unfollow users with whom you have the least interaction. In addition, you can also remove users whom you have not followed back. You can find the dedicated settings page in your Profile. Here, tap on “Following” and you will get the “Least interacted with” option. Next, switch to the “Followers” tab and you will find “Accounts you don’t follow back” option. Now, go on an unfollowing spree.

Best Poses for Photographing Families

At its most basic, the family portrait is a group photo. The subjects are often members of the same family. It’s like a record of who’s part of the family and highlights the relationship between the people in it. The classic family portrait shows the family in a studio, posed as a group, facing the camera. However, recent years have seen a trend toward creative family portraits. These could highlight the personality of a family. They can even present the family members posed unconventionally. A visually interesting setting keeps up the same mood and theme. The important thing to remember is to keep the composition balanced. You’re working with many people in a single image. This article presents some ideas that will help you create poses that break the mould of traditional family portraits. This helps to show the unique family dynamic of your subject.

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Composition Tips for Family Portraits

Just because you are photographing someone’s family, it doesn’t mean it has to be at eye level. Most of the images you will see are like that, so break it up. Showing a different perspective helps to create something interesting and creative. And let’s face it, all families are different. They all have their quirks. Use these to your advantage. If the group has small children or even toddlers, get the adults on the ground too. It’s a great, playful way to capture the family. Want to know more composition tips for family photos? Read them here.

You’ve got to be joking

A well timed joke will always yield a more natural smile, than simply saying “smile” — Dean Bottrell Dean Bottrell is a Emerald based photographer who specializes in portraiture. You can see his work here.

Custom Status for Close Friends

Custom Status is a new feature on Instagram that you should totally utilize. It’s just like the WhatsApp About feature where you can mention what you are currently doing: “At work”, “Watching”, “Eating”, “Gaming” and more. This status will show up in your profile icon in the Direct Message section. However, you will have to install the Instagram Threads app (Free) to set your status. But your followers don’t need to install this app to see your status in DM so that is great.

Share Stories as Post

While Instagram has the option to share posts as stories, now the company has also added an option to share stories as posts. But the tricky part is that you won’t find this option in the highlight section. To share stories as post, go to the Profile page and tap on the hamburger menu on the top-right corner. Here, open “Archive” and select your story. Now, tap on the 3-dot menu on the bottom-right corner and finally select “Share as Post”. That’s how you share your stories as posts.

Sell On Stock Photo Sites

Your feet pics can be sold on stock photo sites. This is a great way to get you started, if you are new to this. Shutterstock, Envato, Shotzr, iStockphoto and Alamy are some examples of stock photo sites you can try. Every time someone downloads one of your feet pics, you earn money. You’ll face a lot of competition so remember to be creative with your pictures, only take high quality pictures and stay relevant. See what feet pictures get downloaded more often and get inspired by them.