Top 10 Overwatch university tips

Don't say "I/Me" - say your Hero name.

This is a common thing I encounter. People often say "Help me!" or "I need heals" or some other request/demand using a personal pronoun. Try to avoid doing this - instead, use your hero's name. "Ana needs peeling in the back" or "Tracer needs heals."Why? Because it's quite easy for player's to miss who said something, particularly at lower ELOs where situational awareness is typically reduced and/or occupied by other things. The voice icon is relatively small and flashes quickly, especially for shorter communications.This is a simple and easy practice that can improve communication and teamwork.

Let your Reinhardt make a play before nanoboosting him so he doesn't get countered immediately.

I play a lot of Rein and Ana in plat and diamond and I see the mistake often where Ana will ult the rein without telling him to initiate the fight. This often leads to the other team sleeping him or otherwise countering him or backing up. Everyone knows a nanoboosted Rein is looking to hammer down. It's easy to predict and therefore counter or avoid. Instead, let the Rein know you want to boost him and tell him to land a hammer or charge their Rein. Then you boost him mid charge or post hammer down. You're much more likely to have an effective play and win the fight this way.

Turn on allies' health bar.

I was playing a comp game the other day with a friend Soldier main. Our Ana was sitting low on HP and my friend wouldn't reach out to her to drop his biotic field, so I told him to do so. I was rather surprised when he yelled back at me "How am I supposed to know she's low? I can't see her health!"To all the DPS or tank mains out there, here's a very basic yet useful tip : go into Settings/Controls/All heroes and toggle "Allies' health". I don't know why this feature is not set to "on" by default.

Heal tanks above critical, then prioritize DPS heroes.

Tanks typically have defensive abilities that allow them to not take damage. Thus, as Mercy you should heal tanks to 300 or 400 hp before swapping to a critically injured DPS hero. Too often I see Mercies healing a shielded Reinhardt to full while a flanker is begging for heals. Think of it like this: If a Roadhog is at 50% hp, he is 300 hp away from death. If a Soldier 76 is 50%, he is 100 hp away from death. In the Pharah meta, you especially need to help your squishy teammates.Anyways, hope this post helped someone. I'm not a Mercy main, but I volunteer to Mercy and this strategy has worked quite well for me.

15 meters is the range of Sombra's hack. It is very important to memorize this range.

With the latest Sombra patch, her kit is now entirely built around 15 meters. * Hack distance extends to 15 meters.* Decloak audio ends at 15 meters. * Bullets damage drop off starts at 15 meters. * EMP radius extends to 15 meters.Everything happens within 15 meters so Sombra's potential should be maximized around that distance. The best way to mentally measure that is use the hack range. If the target is within your hack range, they will hear you decloak. If your target is outside the hack range, her machine pistol damage will suffer. If you decloak around enemy supports, make sure their tanks/DPS can't hear you.

To all widowmakers you may be hop-scoping wrong.

For those who don't know, hop-scoping is scoping in while jumping to be more evasive since scoping in and charging normally will severely hinder your movement.The problem though is when looking at one of my friend's vods he was doing it incorrectly and it seems a lot of other widowmakers are too.**You need to scope first then jump not jump then scope.**If you jump first you will have to wait for the scope animation before you can start charging in the air. Alternatively, if you scope then wait .3 seconds and then jump you can immediately start charging while in the air.this is important because you will not have enough charge to kill a 200hp character when you land using the first method as opposed to the correct one.As displayed in this clip

How to win when you have 5 DPS on your team.

Assuming no one is throwing (going AFK, jumping off the map) there is a very simple tip that will at least give you a chance to win.Just pick Zen.Why? Because, you will have like a lot of damage. That easy.Just think about it for a second. Did you ever got rolled by a more than 3 dps team? Why would you need tanks or heals is the enemy takes so much damage that can't even show his face?Of course this is a garbage tip. I mean, what else can you do when you already have 5 dps?PD: This is heavily countered by dive, but a tilted team does not think.

Use shields to help build your primary fire beam if you are not locked onto an enemy.

Her primary fire (homing beam) has 3 stages of damage - 7.5, 15, and 30 - which increase after every second of locking onto an enemy. For every second that Symmetra is not locked onto an enemy, the damage will drop in reverse back to 7.5. So if a Winston drops his bubble or Orisa deploys her shield in the middle of a battle, and you can't reach an enemy, locking onto the shield for one or two seconds will help destroy the shield whilst gaining one or two levels of damage and keeping her gun at its highest damage. When you lock onto an enemy that you caught up to, the gun will be fully charged and melt enemies.Edit: This also works for enemy traps ~~and Mei's Wall (strangely both ally and enemy)~~*From the wiki:> Armor reduces 50% of level 1 damage, 33% of level 2 damage, and 17% of level 3 damage.

If your teammates are dead think very hard before using your ultimate.

I've seen some pretty bad Junkrat and Genji useage. Gonna be pretty hard to take the point with Genji ult and 5 dead teammates. The optimism is cool but this was something I had to talk to a friend about when he was playing.


Mad simple, but if you have someone stuck in a trap, and you cant finish em, drop a trap right behind em. They'll instinctively move backwards, and walk right into a new trap. Clip here basically shows it