Top 10 Monster hunter world tips

Carry energy drinks instead of well done steaks. You get a stamina boost and also wakes you from sleep, not to mention easier to make.

Fast travel to training area.

You can fast travel to the training area. Open you map in Astera, click X (view world map) then click back on Astera and select training area. Alot faster then going in your room and talking to the cat ;)

Hold R2 (PS4) or RT (Xbox) for Automatic Input Selection for Steamworks.

Recovering from Tremors.

Hey everyone just a piece of knowledge I picked up from my experience that I don’t really ever see mentioned (apologies if this is common knowledge.) Whenever your hunter is on their hands and knees trying to get up from a tremor; DO NOT move. Your hunter will take much longer to recover if you move around during the stun. You should only move if you are trying to get out of the way of another attack. That was my quick tip quicky. Have a good one!

Use your "worthless" pile of steam tickets at the melder to make Mega Demondrug.

You can trade steam tickets for Mega Demondrug at the melder 1 for 1That is all

If you're doing the DMC arena, drop your traps in front of the gate they come out for faster kills.

Been running this for the last 2 hours trying to get the damn webbing to drop and I've been dropping the traps in front of the gate and going ham.Had 2 guys follow suit after killing odogoron fast and destroyed the rathalos super fast.

Didn't know this until almost 400 hours in.

I only recently discovered that if you let your tailraider go to low rank diablos, rather than high rank, you get a lot higher chance of obtaining dash extracts, and most of the time you get 2 dash extracts per box rather than 1.It could be just for me though, let me know if it's not true in general.

Send the Argosy to bring back Consumable Items!.

Once you no longer need monster parts or sellable items, the Argosy is best used for consumable items. You can get Dung Pods, Mega Demondrugs, Dash Juice, and many other 'pain-in-the-ass-to-craft' items!

No other monsters spawn when you start an elder dragon mission. Great time to harvest most the area without interference

You can cancel your charged attack by letting go of the charge in the middle of a dodge.

80 hours as a hammerbro and I just realized this last night -_-