Top 10 Mode tips

Use the camera for scouting.

There have been tons of times I needed to find my way into a room but not have any idea how to do it. I quickly learned that a lot of those rooms if there's a small window or a large enough crack in the wall (that Eivor themself can't fit through) you can enter camera mode, slip the camera through that gap, and scope out the inside. I've found alternate doors, breakable walls, one time I was able to see that there was an oil jar next to a breakable wall that if I threw a torch in at just the right angle I'd be able to set them off. It also is a huge help when navigating underwater, as it freezes the game so you can check where you're going without losing oxygen.​This might be a common knowledge type thing by now, but if I help one person then it's a win for me.