Top 10 Mobius ff tips

Grab a Mobius Box Every Month

• Want to get the best of Mobius Final Fantasy for only 1500 Magicite? The Mobius Box has got you covered. The Mobius Box can be purchased monthly and contains six Summon Tickets, Ability Tickets, Elixirs, Crystals and so much more.

Journey to the Novices’ Hall

• Want to fine tune your skills in combat and be rewarded? Make sure you visit the Novices’ Hall. Not only will Mogistotle teach you the ways of Palamecia, but you will be rewarded with Summon Tickets and skillseeds when you complete all stages in the region.

Starter Summon Pack for New Players

• Perfect for any new players, the Starter Summon Pack is a great way to grab your first job alongside powerful ability cards to get into the world of Mobius Final Fantasy. The starter pack can be purchased up to three times, and each time you will be given one of three jobs—no duplicates.

Augment Your Ability Cards

• Augmenting a card increases the rarity of that ability card, along with raising its level cap and overall stats. You can also raise your level cap for ability cards by completing story chapters. However, be sure to progress through the story as well – each chapter completed through Chapter Five will increase your cards’ max level cap.

Starting the Shrine of Trials

• Looking for a challenge and Cactuar cards for EXP, Skillseeds, and Gil? The Shrine of Trials is the perfect mix of timed content with a beginner-friendly difficulty scale that will let you reap bountiful rewards. You’ll need Mystic Tablets to enter this region, but you can acquire those through daily quests.

Use an Elixir manually from the Shop tab's Restore Stamina section near the end of Mobius Day for the double stamina bonus instead of trying to drain your stamina for the prompt.

As long as your Stamina is under your max near the end of mobius day, make use of that double stamina bonus and use an elixir manually.Happy farming.edit: Gonna throw in an edit here (I find it odd to have to explicitly mention this)YES, consume an elixir if you are continuing your play - common sense dictates that you'd want to consume all of your stamina before you sleepNO, do not consume an elixir if you are entirely stopping play and going to bed and have already drained your stamina.My plan : I am personally using an overfilled stamina bar to continue on the Collective Break map to catch up as I used this mobius day for skillseeds and augments. And probably one more for MP too.

Free 32% Magic boost w/ custom panels.

I have been talking to a lot of people and it seems many do not know you get several small level 1 boosters for free in the custom panel.Since you can remove cards for free, you should at the very least slot in some free skills.. one you get unlimited use of is +2% magic.. in total that's 16x2% (32%) for 1600 water skillseeds..Free options include:* 320HP* 48 Attack* 48 Break Power* 32% MagicThese can improve your overall performance in single/multi player by a lot, so don't overlook it just because you haven't got any decent skill coins yet.. who doesn't like an instant power-up.. It's like boosting a weapon 16 times for free!

If your mage weapons are weak just bring a sword. As Y’shtola I can wield them no problem. Here she is with the Ragnarok X.

IOS 11: Workaround for Mobius not running in background.

If you've upgraded to iOS 11 you've probably noticed that when you switch to a different app or even just go to the home screen, Mobius usually won't run in the background and you have to reload the whole damn thing. It's extremely time-consuming and frustrating, and no way for a mobile app to behave.I found that if you have any menu open (Social/Etc/Cards/Shop) or a different page loaded (Decks, card list, post-fight summary, etc) -- the game will stay open in the background. I dunno if the devs ever plan on fixing this behavior (it's obvious they can, since Mobius seems to choose when to run in the background based on what you have open), but until they do, I hope you find this method useful!