Top 10 Misc tips

This week, 4 out of 5 test weapons from the gunsmith can be done in the Siege of the Warmind.

Takes 15 minutes per character.[Misc]

Placing down a Rally Banner increases your chances at getting a Spare Rations.


You can claim higher tier rewards and leave others if you want to save them for a later time.

It is penny wise but pound foolish to go to a budget oil change place.

I recently thought I was financially clever going to Walmart to get my $45 synthetic oil changes instead of paying a higher end shop $60-$80/synthetic oil change. Well when I decided to change my oil in my driveway, I uncovered that my bolt was super tight and when it came off, my oil pan was stripped beyond repair. I put some teflon tape, took it to the auto repair shop, and now $400 poorer I have a new oil pan.Moral of the story, go to only the most trustworthy mechanics to get an oil change. Don't go to budget oil change places like Valvoline or Walmart for oil changes. A lot of time those $10-$12/hour lube techs will royally strip your bolts beyond repair.Disclaimer, 9/10 you have people who know what they're doing, but personally for the $400+ risk, why not just go to the dealer or a quality lube shop and get it done right the first time?

Turn off heaters, coolers, and power consuming production devices when not being used.

It's a good way to decrease your colony's demand for power generation and batteries. Electric Cremators and Magnetic Smelters aren't used frequently, but consume huge amounts of electricity even when idle. Shut them off with a flick command and you'll have far more power to store.

Tamadra Dungeon is today if you need it.

Tamadras! Didn't utilize the 5 coin dungeons enough and really needed it. Saving my stamina for tonight.

The position you are at on the beginning screen is where you’ll be on the map.

Even if you dont like Ginyu...

Learn to play him without the use of the ginyu force.Also side note anyone with the game, could you try to swap bodies with ginyu, do both still get ginyu force, do only you, or does no one get to use them

If you're scanning or hacking something with your ghost, double tap the touch pad/select button to cancel the animation. It will save you 1 second, and ghost instantly begins unlocking or scanning.

This may be super mediocre advice but those seconds add up for later... I think.