Top 10 Misc tips

How to deal with Sopdet's absorb with any leader

If you want to be top 5 during the current meta you must wear glasses

Cant afford supporter but want to check your "friends ranking" for a map? add the entire top 50, now when you play the map you will have an entirely pink leaderboard and it looks like friend ranking

With the start of a new season, friendly reminder to not miss out on the loot bonus on your first attack like I did.

The game doesn't give you a loot bonus if you don't have a league when you attack. So to not lose out on those much desired spoils of victory, simply start an attack, drop a hero or a single inexpensive troop then leave. Yes you will lose some trophies but you will be placed in a league so that your next attack will be eligible for the loot bonus. I forgot and missed out on some sweet champions III bonus. Don't want the same to happen to everyone else. Clash on!

Change ur match acceptance to auto in options menu.

Gl hf

Never ask for advice in global chat.

You can complete Calus' Champion Bounties in advance if you don't have time to play the next two days.

Just tested; you can complete 4 bounties on each character one day, turn in 4 on Day 1 for Boon of Opulences, then the bounties will regain their Boon of Opulence reward after each daily reset. Rinse and repeat.​This is mainly for the people who may not have the opportunity to complete the bounties on certain days, but also helps if there are bounties you find more frustrating than others and would rather not have to complete.


Misc)Just reminding people (especially since the old Vestian Dynasty sidearm is back with a new version of itself) that Sidearm shots can hammer away at Hobgoblins without triggering their stasis field. :)

Don't turn in IB quests if you're grinding for weapons.

Once the armor unlocks it starts dropping at the end of matches and from bounties.I did the first step and my next 4 drops were all the boots I just unlocked. Super helpful rng Bungie.