Top 10 Microgrowery tips

Wear nitrile gloves inside out or smooth side out, it makes getting that finger hash much easier and less is lost in the glove pores.

Small hands make leaves look huge

Just ask...

I was walking across the street this morning and saw one of my favorite budtenders walking to work. On a whim I asked her if they ever sold any seeds. I had never seen any available for sale so I don't know what made me ask but I did.She said sure. She didn't have any in right now but she would ask the boss to bring in some for me. A DOLLAR A SEED. What do you want she asks me. At a dollar a seed I didn't think I could be picky so I said anything. She said I know you prefer sativa so I will look to getting you some of that. I am praying I get some of the Red Congalese seeds. That shit is crazy good. But no matter what I get darn am I glad I asked.

Syringes make measuring nutrients much easier -- and they're cheap online!.

IDK about you guys but my nutrients (FoxFarm) are really concentrated and it's really easy to accidentally give my plants nute-burn. I use 1mL syringes that have 0.1 increments for precise measuring. You can buy them in bundles for around $1ea on eBay or Amazon. Cheap enough to have separate syringes for different nutes.

Add CalMag first.

Almost at harvest for my first grow. Did not know until today that you add CalMag before main nutes. I guess I now know why I was having magnesium issues. Fun.If you use silica, put that in before the CalMag. Hopefully this helps others. If I’m wrong, please let me know.

A trash can, spigot, hose and nozzle can make it much easier!.

Hello All:First time grower here. Through lots of struggles and lots of help from MG, I've made it into day 18 of flower. Things are looking great (all things considered)! One of the things I've struggled with is watering. I feel like I'm always having to move my plants to water them, or, that I'm making a big watery mess in my grow area when I water. Neither of these are great options. I recently rigged up a little water tank. It's a 7-gallon trash can with a screw in spigot. I sealed the spigot, hooked up a hose and nozzle, and now I can fill the can with water the night before, mix in the nutrients/ph balancer, then put the bucket up as high as I can to get water pressure. I put mine on top of my car. Then, i just walk right into the grow room with my hose, and water my girls like I"m watering the fucking roses. This may not be a big deal to any of you, but for me, it was an awesome addition.

Extend the life of your carbon filters by not using them until 2 weeks into flower.

Obviously there will be no odor during veg, and it takes about 2 weeks for the buds to develop the scent that we must hide.Additionally, you'll get more airflow/negative pressure during veg without the filter!