Top 10 Mgsv tips

You can press R2 on a "Acquired Tape" after you get the iDroid speaker upgrade to play it out loud. This may be used to help your stealth.

I was just reading the manual and it made me realize a use for two things I thought were useless: The iDroid speaker upgrade, and the "recorded on the toilet" cassette tape of someone pooping loudly. put two and two together, if you were hiding in an outhouse and a soldier was going to come in, you could play the pooping tape to get them to leave. I haven't tried this personally, but I'm sure this is the primary use of the tape (Besides comedy, which was all I thought it was good for previously)

Use smoke grenades to slip by cameras.

Https:// of people probably already know this, but I went ahead and uploaded it for anyone who didn't knowUpdate: You don't have to drop the person you're carrying like I did in the video, I just wasn't sure I'd be able to select the grenades at the time

Press Y(Triangle) to switch between shooting mode, and Actually-useful-as-a-frigging-riot-shield mode.

All of this is while you are aiming of course.(this is for the riot shield if it's not clear.)