Top 10 Megalinks tips

Rename Your Files.

I had noticed a while ago on some of my movie sites they had started renaming their files, after talking with one of the site ops he told me he noticed that if he didn't put the release name & just abbreviated it the links last longer because the link scanners look for file names when trying to kill links, I started doing the same thing & it does seem to work along with putting the mega link & decryption key separate, & put your files in a folder, if you do this your links will last longer. My Deadpool post from 5-14-16 is still up, all the other Deadpool links from that same time are dead. ###You don't have to do this, it's just a suggestion.

VLC Plays .rar Files!.

I have gotten a few PM's of people complaining about files being .rar and not a video file complaining that you have to unrar first before watching, well if you are just going to watch it on your pc, just open the file with VLC, it can play it without extracting it. - This website uploads the latest good high quality movies and episodes of select series. Link 'M3' is always a mega link

TURN 1920X800 TO 16:9 (1920X1080).

This is for MPC HC users 1.