Top 10 Maplestory tips

Get Better Weapons And Armor.

You can only win battles when using top-notch weapons and armor. So buy the best weapons and other items from the equipment store. You will find it easier to acquire new items when you complete quests and move to higher levels. Hint: Go to “ATT” on the screen and choose the blue up arrow. Then click on an item and tap on “Slot” to automatically fit the item on the right place.

Level Up Your Hero Faster.

First, you will have access to high-end weapons and other accessories as you level up. You will also get more skill points and stats in the new levels. Complete quests to increase EXP and level up faster.

Have Full Control Over How To Improve Your Hero.

While you can use AI to customize your hero in Pocket MapleStory, it is recommended to do it manually. Use screen controls to improve your hero and guide him in the battle. You will gain more freedom when using the controls compared to when letting AI control the game.

Make The Map Your Best Cheat.

The “My Location” sub-menu shows you the number of enemies or the number of merchants and NPCs at a particular location. There is also the “Path” menu that shows you the data on NPCs and enemies. So you will be able to identify the type of enemy you will be facing before getting into the battle.

Keep Activating Skills.

Skills in Pocket MapleStory are unlocked with leveling. There are active and passive skills in this game and all can be launched when they become active. Hint: Tap an active skill from your character’s profile menu to create an easy-to-access shortcut button on the screen.

Make Use Of The Teleport Feature.

When you are overwhelmed by monsters, you can use the Teleport feature to move to a safer ground, either at home base or quest’s region. This will help keep your HP strong and avoid being knocked out. Hit the “boot” icon to activate the Teleport feature.

Create A Sub-Class Or Profession Before Crafting Items.

You can make your own weapons and other items on Pocket MapleStory through the Crafting Merchant. You need to create a sub-class or simply a profession to craft your own equipment. There are Weapon Blacksmiths, Accessory Craftsmen, Alchemists and more, so you will be able to create a suitable profession depending on the type of equipment you need.

Enhance The Items With Scrolls And Magic Cubes.

As you complete quests, you will be presented with scrolls and magic cubes as bonuses. Add new attributes to your weapons through these bonuses. Tip: Go to “Equipment” on your profile and tap on “Upgrade” to enhance your weapons with scrolls and magic cubes.

Pick Your Locations Wisely.

One great strategy is to choose spots with few monsters. It would be easier for you to kill monsters that are not fighting as a group. So target locations with manageable number of monsters and you will be able preserve your hit points as well as HP.

Know When To Use Auto Combat.

The Auto Combat makes things faster, not only in Pocket MapleStory but also in other MMORPG games. It is recommended to use this feature in locations where there are few enemies or when the enemies are regrouping.