Top 10 Makeup addiction tips

Practical storage space

Do not let your makeup room get too crowded. Practical storage is a must-have, especially if you want to show off your makeup to others. Why not go for some clear and sturdy drawers that you can install right beside your vanity? Make sure that everything has its place since it may be easier for you to remember where you’ve placed your items by storing them alphabetically, per se.

Incorporate some flowers into the room

Flowers will brighten up every room, and they will give you joy! Your room will smell refreshing, and everyone will appreciate freshly cut flowers when they walk into your room. Place these next to windows, or on top of some shelves that are nearby windows.

You can use mason jars

Mason jars are not too pricey, but they can give your room character! They are great for storing your: makeup brushes, sponges, cotton rounds, as well as q-tips. Everything that may come in handy can easily lie in here and on top of your vanity. Mason jars are mostly found in some shopping malls, but you can also get them from eBay and Amazon. They are super affordable + you will get several different colors, sizes, as well as shapes.

Get yourself LED lights

LED lights can also be placed over your vanity mirror. LED lights are not too pricey, and they will allow you to do your makeup comfortably and without breaking a sweat, literally. Your eyes won’t hurt from this light, and it won’t melt your makeup off!

Declutter your makeup

It is important to declutter your makeup and to rearrange some things every here and there. Why? Some of your items might have expired, and others may be misplaced. Clean your vanity every month or so, and throw away anything that is old, expired, funky, or simply rearrange things and place them where they belong.

Motivational quotes will make you more cheerful

Every makeup room deserves a gorgeous and motivational set-up! You should decorate your beauty room with some makeup quotes, motivational quotes, or even quotes from your favorite movie in order to lighten up the mood. Your clients will feel more welcome, and they will love this little fashionable accessory.

Mark mascara tubes and other makeup with the day you opened it so you know when it’s time to toss it out

Equip the room with loads of shelves

Shelves on top of your walls will save you so much space in your vanity and your makeup desks. Hang some shelves on the wall and store some of your not that common go-to makeup there, such as your winter or summer foundations (depends on the season you’re in). Place some of your perfumes and nail polishes on top as well. Visit and check some of the perfumes whcih will fit perfectly on your shelves 🙂

Use a concealer brush to dip into your Shape Tape tube after the wand can't reach more product and get like 50 more uses out of it! (Don't worry I always wash my brush and makeup towel)