Top 10 Makeup addiction tips

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Nightly To-Do List

Something that has been extremely helpful for me in terms of anxiety and the fear of not being productive is creating a nightly to-do list. Each night, jot down on a sticky note, piece of paper, or in your planner a to-do list of the things you need to get done the next day. If you write these things down, you’ll be sure to see them again in the morning. That way you don’t have to go to sleep telling yourself to remember it when you wake up. Without the pressure to keep something on your mind for hours until you wake up the next day, it’ll be much easier to sleep- something those of us with anxious brains definitely need.

Stay Busy With A Creative Or Active Outlet

Staying busy is key when working on mental health. As many online classes, social media apps at our fingertips, and so many more factors constantly call our names to retreat to our phones, computers (and oftentimes beds while using these devices), it is super important to stay busy in a different way. “Unplug”, my mom used to always tell me. It is crucial for our own wellness to get off social media and technology for a while. So take some time during each day to stay busy with an activity you LOVE. Running, painting, neighborhood walks, singing, and so many other activities can be great alternatives to (usually) anxiety-provoking black holes on social media. Plus, like stretching and breathing in the morning, doing something active with your body is a great way to let out some endorphins and feel good throughout the day. And if you absolutely hate exercise like walking or running, 1. Try it with a bomb a$$ playlist and then get back to me, or 2. Try a different creative outlet. Painting, for example, is a super fun way to let your emotions out without barriers… the key to staying sane. Shakes are perfect for a mid-day boost while you’re busy exercising or doing your favorite activities! Try exante’s meal replacement shakes, which come in a multitude of different flavors! Try exante’s Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake here!

Think about getting a vanity table

You can’t place nor store all of your makeup on top of your regular table. This is why you should purchase a sturdy vanity table, which is functional as well as easy to set-up at the corner of your room. This part is crucial since you will be needing loads of natural light when doing your makeup. These kinds of tables are practical, not too pricey, and they can store and hold all of your makeup.

Ring light is a must

Whether you are a professional makeup artist who does freelance, or you simply have the makeup room to yourself – a ring light is a must-have. It can make you look so much more professional if you plan on working with clients, or it can make your own selfies pop! Luvo Store has some amazing ring lights, vanity mirrors, as well as makeup organizers for you to browse through! Everything that a girl needs in her beauty world can be found over there!

Self-Love Night Every Week

Schedule at least one self-love night every week. Whether that is on a Tuesday or Sunday, take the time to treat yourself to a healthy night routine. This special one-person-date occasion can include a face mask, a movie night, a cup of hot chocolate or a gourmet take-out dinner from your absolute favorite restaurant. Whatever you decide to do, just remember it is a time for you to unwind. Let the stressors of the next day or the rest of the week (or your life) subside for just a few hours as you take a bath, paint your nails and enjoy The Real Housewives in peace. Taking this single night to allow your mind, body, and soul to calm down is a great way to remember just how special life is when you fill it with what you enjoy. exante’s Night Time Probiotic, a dietary supplement formulated to support gut health and promote relaxation, is the perfect accompaniment for any self-care night. It’s been formulated with a blend of good bacteria to promote gut health, and supports natural sleep. Try exante’s Night Time Probiotic Supplement here!

Comfy chairs

Try to complete the room by using the comfiest (and prettiest) vanity chairs. Go for a side chair that has velvet padding, and that you can simply push underneath the vanity once you’re done doing your makeup. This way, you will be saving loads of space, and your room will look tidier! Make sure to pair it up with the color of your vanity, and embrace the neat and organized vibe!

Get yourself an acrylic organizer

Acrylic organizers should be placed on top of your vanity, or next to it. You can also hold these in your drawers. The best part is that you can place everything in them – your mascara, lip gloss, foundation, as well as shadows! There is no mess + you will see through them since they are clear, which makes your organization 10x more efficient!

Read And Write

Last but most definitely not least on the list of things to try when working on your mental health is to read and write. Reading and especially writing are super therapeutic ways to calm the mind every day. Reading is a great way to learn a little, envelope yourself in a story, or simply relax without turning to social media or a show for entertainment. Reading is calming to the mind and extremely effective in slowing down your day. Writing can be (but doesn’t have to be!) a bit more invigorating. Try and write at least 4-5 times per week, whether that’s in a journal, on a novel you’re working on, or in any capacity at all. Allowing your thoughts and feelings and experiences to flow out on a page is so satisfying. It allows you to release so much of what you might have been holding on to and create something beautiful in the meantime. If you aren’t typically a writer, just try it for a week. If you don’t like to journal or write about yourself, write a fictional story, research something and write an article. Whatever your reason for writing may be, it will act as a productive and soothing way to start or end your days. Mental health is hard. That much is definitely true. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to help ourselves find what makes us feel better. So do just that. Find the activities, tips, and tricks that work for you. Don’t be afraid to try something totally different, and remember that it’s for your (and no one else’s) benefit. Working on mental health is an extremely personal thing. So take it seriously, and customize it to what will actually help you. And don’t forget, if you are feeling sad or scared or overworked or overwhelmed… you are most definitely not alone. So talk to those who are willing to help, and help yourself too by finding what you can do to work on your mental health daily.