Makeup addiction tips

Stay Busy With A Creative Or Active Outlet

Staying busy is key when working on mental health. As many online classes, social media apps at our fingertips, and so many more factors constantly call our names to retreat to our phones, computers (and oftentimes beds while using these devices), it is super important to stay busy in a different way. “Unplug”, my mom used to always tell me. It is crucial for our own wellness to get off social media and technology for a while. So take some time during each day to stay busy with an activity you LOVE. Running, painting, neighborhood walks, singing, and so many other activities can be great alternatives to (usually) anxiety-provoking black holes on social media. Plus, like stretching and breathing in the morning, doing something active with your body is a great way to let out some endorphins and feel good throughout the day. And if you absolutely hate exercise like walking or running, 1. Try it with a bomb a$$ playlist and then get back to me, or 2. Try a different creative outlet. Painting, for example, is a super fun way to let your emotions out without barriers… the key to staying sane. Shakes are perfect for a mid-day boost while you’re busy exercising or doing your favorite activities! Try exante’s meal replacement shakes, which come in a multitude of different flavors! Try exante’s Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake here!

Nightly To-Do List

Something that has been extremely helpful for me in terms of anxiety and the fear of not being productive is creating a nightly to-do list. Each night, jot down on a sticky note, piece of paper, or in your planner a to-do list of the things you need to get done the next day. If you write these things down, you’ll be sure to see them again in the morning. That way you don’t have to go to sleep telling yourself to remember it when you wake up. Without the pressure to keep something on your mind for hours until you wake up the next day, it’ll be much easier to sleep- something those of us with anxious brains definitely need.

Create A Routine

Along with the daily schedule you will set for yourself most mornings, having a weekly routine is also a great way to stay calm and collected no matter what life brings you (…mostly). Plan out your week in advance if you have any big things coming up. If you have classes on Monday, try to make every Monday similar. Though life obviously changes week to week, knowing that most Mondays you’ll go to class from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and then do your laundry around 3 is a good way to stay productive and keep the week moving. In setting up a routine for yourself it is much easier to settle into whatever life you’re living. If you’ve just moved to college, are starting school again, or maybe searching for a new job, the life changes constantly surrounding us can be super overwhelming. But try your best to settle into a comfortable routine so you feel productive and prepared for what’s to come.

Set A Schedule For Yourself

Especially in the completely uncertain world we are living in, any sort of structure can be very helpful for your mental sanity. Each morning, write out a schedule of what you will do that day. Note: it doesn’t have to be what you’ll “accomplish” that day, but simply what you will do. Will you go on a walk? Will you meet up with some friends? Will you finish that homework assignment due next week? Whatever it is, setting a daily schedule will help you stay on track, remembering what to do, and inspire you to keep the day moving. With a list of things you are excited (or sometimes not super excited) about doing, laying in bed all day will be less enticing. Setting up a daily schedule for little tasks can make all the difference for getting yourself out of bed on the right foot. So start it with something at least a little bit fun (okay, fine. This can be coffee sometimes) so you’re hopping out of bed SANS the anxiety that might want to follow you. In order to face a full day with full energy, try using GNC’s Climb Energy Packets if you feel like you need a boost. These packets will help you stay mentally focused and help to keep you hydrated. They’re a must-have if you ask me!

Drink Lots Of Water And Avoid Too Much Coffee

Now, I’m not going to sit here and tell you to not drink coffee. Because 1. Coffee is literally delicious and I love nothing more in the world than cozying up on a Sunday morning with my cup o’ joe. But 2. Because it really does help many people muster up some energy to start the morning. However, coffee is extremely dehydrating and can cause an upshot of anxious feelings for many of us. Without a healthy dose of water beforehand and after, a cup of coffee has the potential to be slightly detrimental in terms of mental health and stability. So instead, try tea some mornings and always drink plenty of water to stay satiated and hydrated throughout your mornings. You might feel like you absolutely need coffee to function, but just try it for one day. And then try it for two. Slowly wean yourself off the caffeine addiction so that you can still drink coffee in moderation when you’re in the mood for it. But try your best not to rely on it because any sort of reliance can be harmful in working on your mental health. Drinking water is a super easy and healthy habit to start, but if you feel like you need a hydration boost, IdealFit’s IdealLean Water Balance Tablets help maintain the body’s natural water balance, boosting your everyday wellbeing. Try IDEALLEAN WATER BALANCE TABLET here!

Yoga, Stretching, Or Meditation Every Day

As a certified yoga instructor, avid yoga do-er, should-stretch-more-er?, and definitely one working on my meditation, I can personally attest to the fact that these. Things. Help. Getting up in the morning and moving around- even if it’s just stretching your arms to the sky or trying to touch your toes- for at least 10 minutes can make a huge difference. Yoga is a fun and active way to calm your mind and body at the same time. Much of yoga is centered around the breath. And when a yoga teacher (online or in-person) tells you to take a breath in and then exhale, it isn’t just for fun. These breaths are often cued with movement and specifically placed throughout the sequence to facilitate a slowing of your breath and therefore nervous system. Once these functions both slow down, it is natural for your body to calm down too. Plus, getting a nice yoga flow in the morning helps to feel like your body has moved in a healthy and productive way–the perfect way to start any anxiety-provoking day. IdealFit’s Pre-Workout Powders for Women is perfect to try before you do your yoga. This powder, which you can mix with water or include in a smoothie or shake, gives you all the energy, focus, and improved blood flow you need for any workout, any time. By naturally boosting blood flow during your workout, you’ll get the most out of every rep, step, or spin! Check it out below! Try the IDEALLEAN STIM FREE PRE-WORKOUT–PINK LEMONADE here!

Organize by order of use

Last, but not least, try to organize your makeup by order of use. This means that your foundation and powders should be in your first drawer (since this is a common first step), followed by bronzers and contours. Your second drawer should have eyebrow makeup, as well as eyeshadows. Lastly, place your lipsticks in a third drawer, along with some false lashes (if you use them).

Declutter your makeup

It is important to declutter your makeup and to rearrange some things every here and there. Why? Some of your items might have expired, and others may be misplaced. Clean your vanity every month or so, and throw away anything that is old, expired, funky, or simply rearrange things and place them where they belong.

Incorporate some flowers into the room

Flowers will brighten up every room, and they will give you joy! Your room will smell refreshing, and everyone will appreciate freshly cut flowers when they walk into your room. Place these next to windows, or on top of some shelves that are nearby windows.

Get yourself an acrylic organizer

Acrylic organizers should be placed on top of your vanity, or next to it. You can also hold these in your drawers. The best part is that you can place everything in them – your mascara, lip gloss, foundation, as well as shadows! There is no mess + you will see through them since they are clear, which makes your organization 10x more efficient!