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GlossyBox – Best Makeup Subscription Box For a Mix of Brands

The Cost: $21.00 per month. Save with an annual subscription. Subscribe here! COUPON: Use code RELAX16 to get first September box for $16 What Our Readers Say:

“Great products and great sizes,” – MSA Reader

About the Makeup Box: GlossyBox is a perfect makeup subscription box for anyone who loves all things beauty. Each delivery includes 5 curated products valued at $60 and comes hand-wrapped in the iconic bright pink box. You can expect to receive some of the absolute best makeup, skincare, fragrance, and haircare samples in every shipment, handpicked by GlossyBox beauty experts. Members also collect GlossyCredit (usable for full-product orders) and gain access to limited-edition boxes, competitions, tutorials, and product guides. Is It Customizable? No, not at the time of publication. Check out all of our GlossyBox reviews and info to learn more. Ships free to the U.S. and to Canada for $5.00.

The Box by Fashionsta – Best Makeup Subscription Box For More Than Makeup

The Cost: $24.99 a month. Subscribe here! What Our Readers Say:

“Amazing products curated , ABSOLUTELY AWESOME customer service. I Highly recommend to try it!” – Grace Leb
“They always send unique items I haven’t seen before,” – DragonQueen
“Love the variety and that they include a palette sometimes two every month! Very wearable colors especially of lippies,” – Bethany L

About the Makeup Box: The Box by Fashionsta is a monthly product exploration box with a positive mission. Each shipment comes with 5-7 full-size makeup and skincare products, valued at $120-$180 per box. This makeup subscription box only offers the highest quality lipsticks, face masks, palettes, moisturizers, serums, and skincare products, with a firm focus on vegan and cruelty-free selections. Plus, each monthly makeup box purchased helps an Los Angeles-based non-profit, so you can feel good while looking your best. Is It Customizable? No, not at the time of publication. Check out all of our The Box by Fashionista reviews and info to learn more. Ships free worldwide.

Birchbox – Best Makeup Subscription Box to Discover New Products

The Cost: $15.00 a month with free U.S. shipping. Subscribe here! What Our Readers Say:

“Still #1!!!” – WordHermit3t
“Birchbox was my go-to on trying new products & expanding my knowledge base. I appreciate being able to set my profile to my specific interests & thereby, being able to curate the boxes to my preferences, areas of concern, etc. It makes the box much more personal.” – CaliGirlKatie
“I have been with BIRCHBOX several years now and I honestly feel it has the best price and usually the products are a mix of sample size, deluxe size and full size. BIRCHBOX has something for everyone. If you set your profile up correctly then you will get products usually on your selections! The customer service team at BIRCHBOX is awesome!” – Michele H

About the Makeup Box: Love samples? So do we. Each Birchbox delivery is packed with an amazing variety of samples, and that’s why this makeup subscription box has been a reader favorite for years. The makeup subscription is customizable, so you only receive products you’re interested in. Simply set your personal preferences in your beauty profile, and Birchbox will send 4-6 deluxe samples right to your door. Sign up for your Birchbox subscription, and you’ll receive a selection of haircare, makeup, bodycare, skincare, and fragrance products, along with tips on how to use and enjoy each item. When you find a sample you love, you can purchase the full-size product from the Birchbox store. Is It Customizable? Birchbox customizes what you’ll receive each month based on your user profile, and beginning with your second box, you can choose one of your samples each month. Check out all of our Birchbox reviews and info to learn more. Ships to the U.S., France, Spain, and the U.K.

Allure Beauty Box – Best Makeup Subscription Box For Great Selection

The Cost: $23.00 per month. Save with a longer subscription. Subscribe here! COUPON: Get a Free Mega Bundle when you sign up for a 12-month subscription! No coupon needed - just use this link. What Our Readers Say:

“I’ve tried a bunch of boxes but I keep coming back to Allure for the great product selection and the premium products.” – MSA Reader
“Allure has some nice makeup items, even an eyeliner that wasn’t black and a red liquid lipstick that didn’t turn orange on me.” – SharonDK
“They contain great products I use on the daily.” – Debra

About the Makeup Box: The Allure Beauty Box is a monthly makeup subscription box offering a selection of deluxe samples and full-size products from well-known brands. Each box comes with at least 6 Allure-approved makeup and skincare products (3 samples and 3 full-sized), valued at over $100. The Allure Beauty Box is a great way to try the latest and greatest cosmetics, face masks, and skincare products at a great price. Members receive a newsletter with tips and tricks. You’ll even get access to exclusive limited-edition boxes, members-only virtual events, and product promo codes — this makeup box subscription has an incredible list of add-on perks, so if you’re serious about beauty, you’ll find plenty to love. Is It Customizable? No, not at the time of publication. Check out all of our Allure Beauty Box reviews and info to learn more. Ships to the U.S. and Puerto Rico for free.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus – Best Makeup Subscription Box For Full-Size Products

The Cost: $25.00 per month. Subscribe here! What Our Readers Say:

“Ipsy Glam Bag Plus rocks in that you get to pick three of your items. I usually end up with makeup colors/tones that actually work for me.” – Katrina
“Ipsy Glam Bag Plus has probably hit most of my makeup likes” – TnT07
“Ipsy and Ipsy Glam Bag are unbeatable in terms of value, variety and overall subscription quality. Amazing products, tons of customization without being overwhelming and outstanding customer service on every level whether it be making sure your bags meet your account preferences or always being on time each month or having great support teams to assist you immediately for any inquiry. This is a must-have subscription for makeup.” – Erin Alysse

About the Makeup Box: IPSY subscribers who want to punch up their collection of cosmetics can subscribe to the Glam Bag Plus. This next-tier makeup subscription box comes with 5 full-size products from well-known and up-and-coming brands — members get to handpick 3 of the items they receive. The IPSY Glam Bag Plus offers an even greater variety of palettes, lipsticks, brushes, and skincare selections. It also arrives in a stylish draw-string bag (chic!). Members also have the option to add-on up to 8 additional exclusive products per shipment. Is It Customizable? Yes, IPSY Glam Bag allows subscribers to choose three items each month. Check out our IPSY reviews and IPSY spoilers to learn more! Ships to the U.S. and Canada.

Ipsy Glam Bag – Best Makeup Subscription Box For Value

The Cost: $12.00 per month. Subscribe here! COUPON: Get a free mystery gift with subscription. New subscribers only. No coupon needed - just use this link. What Our Readers Say:

“I believe Ipsy sends out a good variety of makeup brands (sometimes full-size). In addition the retail value is always there for me!” – Shelly111
“Ipsy gives great samples of products I’ve loved!” – Emily
“I am a huge fan of the mixed, diverse products that ipsy provides!” – May

About the Makeup Box: The IPSY Glam Bag makeup box subscription boasts a satisfying haul at a gloriously low price point. This makeup monthly box delivers 5 deluxe samples of high-end and drugstore products. You’ll receive a combo of makeup and skincare selections along with bonus beauty tools based on your requests. That’s right: You choose exactly what type of products you’re interested in, then wait for your bag to be delivered right to your door. Start by filling out the IPSY beauty quiz, which collects basic information about your skin tone, beauty preferences, hair color, eye color, and current favorite brands. It’s a stress-free way to explore. Is It Customizable? Ipsy Glam Bag allows subscribers to choose one item each month. Check out our Ipsy reviews and Ipsy spoilers to learn more! Ships to the US and Canada.

BoxyCharm – Best Makeup Subscription Box For High-End Brands

The Cost: $25.00 per month. Save with longer subscriptions. Subscribe here! COUPON: Use code CLOSEUP to oFRA Mini Mix Face Palette – $39 value. What Our Readers Say:

“Boxycharm is consistent for the best value in makeup products.” – Alice R
“With a total of 5 full-sized products in each of their base boxes, BoxyCharm holds the crown as the best subscription box for makeup! If you fill out your profile just right, then you’ll be swimming in makeup products buy next year’s end!” – Kathleen Dougherty
“I feel like they have a really good mix of brands that everyone has heard of but also new ones to me. Great inexpensive way to build a collection fast!” – Nikkiaust17

About the Makeup Box: BoxyCharm is our readers’ top pick for makeup subscription boxes in 2021. This service combines high-quality products with expert curation, and our readers love the BoxyCharm approach. In other words, if you love makeup, this monthly box delivers: Each delivery is filled with high-end brands and at least 5 full-size products, valuing at $175 per box. Each delivery includes amazing cosmetics like eye shadow palettes, lip colors, and eyeliners, along with skincare products and beauty tools. Members also gain access to exclusive product deals and giveaways along with redeemable points that can be used in the Charm Shop. You can also discover creative ways to use products through the BoxyCharm social media community. That’s not a minor point — the welcoming community is a big part of the draw. Is It Customizable? Through a program launched in late 2019, BoxyCharm subscribers get to choose one item in their upcoming makeup subscription box; the rest are customized based on your preferences (not all subscribers receive the same box). Check out all of our BoxyCharm reviews and info to learn more. Shipping to the contiguous U.S. is free. Shipping to U.S. territories, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada is $5.00.

Petit Vour – Best Makeup Subscription Box For Mix of All-Natural Products

The Cost: $15.00 per month for the Petit Vour box or $25.00 per month for Petit Vour Plus for U.S. subscriptions. Shipping is free. Subscribe here! About the Makeup Box: Petit Vour’s vegan makeup subscription box has a simple goal: to bring cruelty-free products to a wide audience. When you sign up, you’ll answer some quick questions about your cosmetic preferences, which allows the service’s curators to find products that you’ll actually use. You’ll receive an assortment of 4 beauty products with a total value of over $50. In addition to cosmetics, Petit Vour’s makeup box subscription includes occasional body, haircare, and skincare products. The price is fair — and you can get $4 in store credit every month for reviewing each box. It’s a simple way to find the best plant-based, cruelty-free products in the industry, and the rewards program allows you to order your favorites at a low rate. Is It Customizable? No, not at the time of publication. Check out all of our Petit Vour reviews to learn more about this subscription box! Ships free worldwide. Subscription prices vary based on international location.

Read And Write

Last but most definitely not least on the list of things to try when working on your mental health is to read and write. Reading and especially writing are super therapeutic ways to calm the mind every day. Reading is a great way to learn a little, envelope yourself in a story, or simply relax without turning to social media or a show for entertainment. Reading is calming to the mind and extremely effective in slowing down your day. Writing can be (but doesn’t have to be!) a bit more invigorating. Try and write at least 4-5 times per week, whether that’s in a journal, on a novel you’re working on, or in any capacity at all. Allowing your thoughts and feelings and experiences to flow out on a page is so satisfying. It allows you to release so much of what you might have been holding on to and create something beautiful in the meantime. If you aren’t typically a writer, just try it for a week. If you don’t like to journal or write about yourself, write a fictional story, research something and write an article. Whatever your reason for writing may be, it will act as a productive and soothing way to start or end your days. Mental health is hard. That much is definitely true. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to help ourselves find what makes us feel better. So do just that. Find the activities, tips, and tricks that work for you. Don’t be afraid to try something totally different, and remember that it’s for your (and no one else’s) benefit. Working on mental health is an extremely personal thing. So take it seriously, and customize it to what will actually help you. And don’t forget, if you are feeling sad or scared or overworked or overwhelmed… you are most definitely not alone. So talk to those who are willing to help, and help yourself too by finding what you can do to work on your mental health daily.

Self-Love Night Every Week

Schedule at least one self-love night every week. Whether that is on a Tuesday or Sunday, take the time to treat yourself to a healthy night routine. This special one-person-date occasion can include a face mask, a movie night, a cup of hot chocolate or a gourmet take-out dinner from your absolute favorite restaurant. Whatever you decide to do, just remember it is a time for you to unwind. Let the stressors of the next day or the rest of the week (or your life) subside for just a few hours as you take a bath, paint your nails and enjoy The Real Housewives in peace. Taking this single night to allow your mind, body, and soul to calm down is a great way to remember just how special life is when you fill it with what you enjoy. exante’s Night Time Probiotic, a dietary supplement formulated to support gut health and promote relaxation, is the perfect accompaniment for any self-care night. It’s been formulated with a blend of good bacteria to promote gut health, and supports natural sleep. Try exante’s Night Time Probiotic Supplement here!