Makeup addiction tips

Mark mascara tubes and other makeup with the day you opened it so you know when it’s time to toss it out

Use a concealer brush to dip into your Shape Tape tube after the wand can't reach more product and get like 50 more uses out of it! (Don't worry I always wash my brush and makeup towel)

Put pencil liners in the freezer before sharpening to make them less likely to break

Use your inglot lid to remove the shadows safely and easily.

You can use the magnets on the lid to lift out the metal pan like so:

Only draw a wing, no line!

Facial cleansing oil before liquid soap! Removes all liquid makeup as well as brown pigment from bronzer/contour as well as most reds from blushes/eyeshadows

Use your lip tints as blushes under your foundation. diffuse with a sponge or duo fiber brush. gorgeous and super long lasting

Pulling a fishnet stocking over your face will give you perfect mermaid and/or snake scales!