Top 10 Mac tips

Add New Fonts

Are you sick and tired of the same fonts that you use every day? Downloading and adding new fonts is one of the best MacBook tricks for graphics designers or people who are often on their computers for work. You can Google free fonts or even pay for some nice fonts you want to download onto your MacBook. Either way, you will find some impressive fonts to download that will help to improve your work. Apple has even made it easier for you to maintain the fonts you download. You can find outstanding font managers for Mac, which makes downloading new fonts a piece of cake. Setapp teaches you the best ways to manage your fonts, and all you need to do is follow the link below.

Taking Screenshots

Taking screenshots was once difficult, but nowadays it is as easy as you would do it on your phone. The greatest thing about Mac is that it’s user-friendly, so taking screenshots is facile. There is a keyboard combination you can use (command + shift + 4 – for snipping a part of your desktop or command + shift + 3 for a desktop screenshot). The screenshot is automatically saved and you can start editing it instantly.

Implement Hot Corners Into Your Routine

Owning a MacBook comes with many benefits, like figuring out how amazing hot corners are and finally using them. If you don’t know what hot corners are, it isn’t too late because we’re here to help you. The hot corners feature lets you assign a different task to each corner of your computer screen. That way, when you move your mouse to that corner, the feature will launch. For example, if you often have several different apps open on your computer, it could be smart to assign one of your corners the task of showing a clear desktop. When you move your mouse to that corner, you can easily open a folder or program from your desktop and then get back to work. Try searching for ‘Hot Corners’ in your system preferences. Otherwise, you will find them under the ‘Screen Savers’ option when setting them up.

Open apps on startup

If you start each day by opening the same apps on your Mac, you can make this much easier. Set up your Mac so that the same apps open automatically when you start your computer. Open System Preferences > Users & Groups. Select your username and click Login Items at the top. You can then check the boxes for those apps in the list or add more using the plus sign button.

Sign documents in the Preview or Mail app

If you're emailed a PDF to sign, you don't have to waste time printing it out, signing it and scanning it back in. Instead, you can use one of the best macOS 12 tips & tricks, signing in Preview or Mail app.

  • Drag the PDF into an email message, hover over the PDF, click the button with a down arrow at the top right and click Markup.
  • Click the box at the top that looks like a signature.
  • Click Camera sign your name on white paper and take a photo of it with your computer's webcam. You can also save a signature to reuse.

Sync Your iCloud Account

What you can do to protect your files in case your laptop breaks or crashes is to connect to your iCloud account. If you already have another Apple product, you surely have an account. If your Mac is the first Apple product you have, then sign up for an iCloud account. It will sync all your documents online so that you will not lose anything. The best thing about this is that you can access your Mac files stored on iCloud from your phone too.

Watch YouTube in 4K

A great macOS Big Sur feature that a lot of people don’t talk about is Apple providing support for Google’s VP9 codec. What this means for users is that Safari now supports 4K video playback on YouTube. While Google Chrome and other browsers have had this feature even before Big Sur, it’s a great addition for people who prefer using Safari. Safari on macOS Big Sur also supports 4K HDR streaming on Netflix.

Use Emojis Everywhere

One of the best MacBook tips and tricks is that you can use emojis everywhere! Anywhere that you can type while using your Mac, you can insert emojis. To bring up the emoji keyboard, you need to press command, control, and the space bar. Doing this will let you add an emoji to your text anywhere that you want. It is a fun way to spice up an average text conversation! The emoji keyboard even gives you an option to search for your favorite emojis and have access to your frequently used ones as well.

Type emoji from your keyboard

Typing Emoji is one of the most interesting macOS 12 tips & tricks you need to know. While using apps like Microsoft Word or Google Docs;

  • go to the menu bar and click Edit > Emoji & Symbols.
  • A box with emoji will appear, and you can add any to the page you're working on.
  • Or, you can use a keyboard shortcut: Control + Command + Space.

Trash Files in Seconds

This is a simple Mac tip that can save you time. When you have to delete an item on your Mac, you usually either drag it to the Trash in your dock or right-click on the file and select the “Move to Trash” option. Well, there’s a keyboard shortcut which can save you the trouble of doing these things. To easily trash a file, just click on it and then hit the “⌘+Delete” keyboard shortcut and it will move to Trash. If you want to skip trashing a file and permanently delete it, use the “⌘+⌥+Delete” keyboard shortcut. Remember, this will permanently delete a file and you will not be able to recover it.