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Molotovs are incredible early-game weapons.

For anybody else that likes to start a new character with every big update (or just new players, I guess), take a look at making some Molotov Cocktails (30 Ale, 1 Silk and 1 Torch make 30 cocktails). They deal 40+ damage and spray fire all over the place, with a thrown range similar to the grenades... but they don't bounce, and explode on impact with any surface. That means that you can just hit somewhere near your target to damage them. But most importantly, they don't hurt you if you're caught in their area when you throw. They're great for early boss killing with the fire damage and explosive power, and they chew right through the Eater of Worlds in seconds (seriously, it's hilarious how fast they kill him). They're also very handy for dealing with the Brain's swarm in its first form.

YSK: When looking at a picture in quick look, pressing ⌥ zooms it to 100%

Some shortcuts and tips to improve Mac OS experience.

Shortcut to settings (brightness, sound, mission control etc) via function keys** :: Alt option + function keys (e.g. F1 for access to brightness)Rearrange items in status bar :: Hold “command” down and drag the item in status bar to rearrangeQuick/advanced settings in status bar (sound input, wifi statistics, battery health) :: Alt option + click on items in status bar______________Please suggest more in the comments

Cleaning a retina screen.

NEED:***- Microfiber cloth (like this for example).***HOW:***1) Inspect the screen for dust. Try and blow gently in a first attempt to remove any dust.2) Remove the remaining dust by wiping the clean cloth sideways over the screen without that much pressure. Simultaneously, blow the dust away.3) If you encounter any grease spots (fingerprints, or whatever), make a tip of the cloth wet with water and wipe over the spot. Then dry it off with a dry part of the cloth and make sure to not leave any water marks.4) If you have a Macbook with retina screen, inspect the keyboard for any stuff that might make the screen dirty (when the MacBook is closed).5) You now have a clean screen. And come on, what is better than a retina screen that is spotless? :D I recommend to do this on a weekly basis.

Set Notifications to Deliver Quietly

In macOS Big Sur, the notifications are grouped by the app and can be interacted with. For instance, you can play a podcast episode or reply to a message without opening the app. However, if you are getting way too many notifications from a particular macOS app, you can manage them right from the Notification Center. To control what notifications you want:

  • Go to the Notification Center
  • Right-click on an app’s notification stack
  • Select Deliver Quietly or Turn off depending on your choice.

Resize widgets right from the Notification Center

Another cool Mac feature that rightly fits into our macOS Big Sur tips and tricks list is the option to resize widgets in the Notification Center. With the new update, widgets have become part of the Notification Center and come in three different sizes. In order to quickly resize widgets:

  • Open the Notification Center by clicking on the date and time on the menu bar
  • Right-click on a widget
  • Click on the small, medium, or large.

Add more items to the Control Panel

Not many people know that you can add more controls to the macOS Big Sur 11 Control panel for quick access. You can add the Accessibility Shortcuts option, Battery option, and Fast User switching option. Here’s how to do this:

  • Simply go to System preferences
  • Open Dock and Menu Bar
  • Scroll down on the left column
  • Choose a toggle under the Other Modules section
  • Tick Show in Control Center. If you have multiple user accounts on your Macbook, this macOS Big Sur trick will save you a lot of steps.

Move Control Panel items to the menu bar

One of the biggest macOS 11 Big Sur features is the Control Panel, which can be accessed by clicking on its icon located in the menu bar. The panel gives users quick access to important controls such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Screen mirroring, DND, Brightness, Keyboard brightness, Sound, etc. But did you know that you can access your favorite controls even faster by moving them to the menu bar right from the Control Panel? Simply drag the control from the Control panel and drop it onto the menu bar. To remove the control from the menu bar:

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Select Dock and Menu Bar
  • Select the control
  • Untick Show in menu bar.