Mac os tips

Cmd+? (aka cmd+shift+/) allows you to type in and quickly select any item from your current app's menu bar menus from the keyboard!.

Been using this one for years, thought others might appreciate it.

Taking a screenshot

Unlike Windows computers that come with a snipping tool program for taking snippets of the screen, Mac offers an easy option of clicking CMD+ Shift+ 4, which gives you a cursor option to click and drag the area you wish to capture. On the other hand, pressing CMD+Shift+3 captures the entire screen.

Switch between multiple windows

The CMD+ Tab switches between different windows of open programs, and if you have different open tabs of the same program, say three-word documents, clicking Cmd+ ~ will instantly switch from one word-doc to the next.

Add your signature to the document.

With many companies switching to remote work, files have to be signed and sent back digitally. If you have a Mac, you can easily insert your signature on soft copy documents on your computer. Open the document to be signed on its preview application. Select the pen icon and click create a signature from Built-in iSight. iSight, which is one of the top MacBook apps, captures your signature using the webcam. After signing your name on plain paper, hold it up to the camera following screen guides. The camera automatically extracts the signature and saves it in the system.

Control your Mac’s sleeping schedule

A sleeping mode is one of the many energy-saving features built on Mac computers. However, this option can be annoying when your computer keeps slipping into sleeping mode every few minutes. The standard way of adjusting sleeping schedules for a Mac is by using the energy-saving program, which is cumbersome. Alternatively, you can run Lungo, a program on your menu bar that gives you quick access to sleeping mode controls. With one click, you can prevent Mac from sleeping for either 10 minutes, four hours, or indefinitely.

Run Windows OS on your Mac

To most people, it is impossible to run a Microsoft Windows OS on a Mac computer. The truth is, you can do it, and it is simple. Open the applications folder on your Mac, then click on the utility folder. Locate a program called Boot Camp and run it as administrator. Boot camp partitions your Mac’s hard drive by creating two slots; one for Mac OS and another for Windows OS. You get to choose how much space to allocate to each OS, but remember that the disk space allocated to one OS is not available to the other. After setting everything up, hit the partition button to kickstart the process. After partitioning, you will be required to install a Windows OS from a CD-ROM. You can run any version of Windows higher than Windows 7.

Silent volume change shortcut.

You all probably know the setting that disables that sound that's played when you change the volume through F11/F12. But sometimes I personally find myself wanting to be able to do both — changing volume with the sound and changing it without it (I can't be the only one‽) — but I'm too lazy to change the setting all the time… …and that's where I discovered this shortcut: ⇧F11 / ⇧F12!It does the exact opposite of what your current setting is. For example if you switched the sound off in setting, you can change the volume and also hear the sound with that shortcut. If you enabled the setting, it does the reverse.I don't know if this shortcut has always existed nor if it's already commong knowledge (if it is, I'm sorry) but i figured some of you might not know and could find it useful.

Turn off iCloud Private Relay for Wi-Fi

If you notice a major dip in data network speed following the iOS 15 update, you need to disable iCloud Private Relay for the Home/Work Wi-Fi. Simply open the Settings app on the iPhone, navigate to Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi network, and turn off iCloud Private Relay from the following menu.

Edit Date and Time in Photos

Not only can you check the image details from the Photos app, but also modify their date and time in iOS 15. You can select a single photo or multiple photos and select the Share menu. Tap on the Edit Date & Time option and change the date and time for the photo.

Change Per-App Text Size

In iOS 14, users could only change the system-wide font size. That behavior is changing in iOS 15. You can keep the text size change to a specific app only. Just make sure to keep the app open while using the Text Size toggle from the Control Centre.