Mac os tips

Get words as you type

Whether you’re composing an email or writing up a note, you might be unsure how to spell a word. Rather than use a dictionary, just use a keyboard shortcut F5. This will show you words starting with the letters you’ve typed so far. Then you can just select the word you want and keep writing.

Move your Dock to another screen

If you work with a dual monitor setup, you can put your Dock on whichever screen you want. The Dock will move automatically to your active window. Go to the second screen and click to make it the active one, then move your cursor to where your Dock would be (bottom, left, or right). Your Dock will pop right up on that other screen.

Change music source easily

Changing music source easily is another essential tip very macOS 12 owners needs to know, especially if you frequently pair Bluetooth headphones with your Mac. Make the changing of your audio output source less annoying by;

  • Accessing System Preferences > Sound and check off "show sound in menu bar." You can then change the volume from said menu bar, and hold Option while clicking on the icon to quickly change the source.

Sign documents in the Preview or Mail app

If you're emailed a PDF to sign, you don't have to waste time printing it out, signing it and scanning it back in. Instead, you can use one of the best macOS 12 tips & tricks, signing in Preview or Mail app.

  • Drag the PDF into an email message, hover over the PDF, click the button with a down arrow at the top right and click Markup.
  • Click the box at the top that looks like a signature.
  • Click Camera sign your name on white paper and take a photo of it with your computer's webcam. You can also save a signature to reuse.

Type emoji from your keyboard

Typing Emoji is one of the most interesting macOS 12 tips & tricks you need to know. While using apps like Microsoft Word or Google Docs;

  • go to the menu bar and click Edit > Emoji & Symbols.
  • A box with emoji will appear, and you can add any to the page you're working on.
  • Or, you can use a keyboard shortcut: Control + Command + Space.

Find a forgotten password for a program

If you forget one of your passwords, you can actually recover them from within your Mac – as long as you remember the password for your user account.

  • Open a new Finder window >Applications > Utilities.
  • Open Keychain. Here, you will find the needed password.
  • to view the password for any of the logins, you’ll be prompted for your username and login,

Cmd + Spacebar + T relaunches the last spotlight command you entered.

I just discovered that, I don't know if that's well known or not.If you press Cmd + space then T (or sequentially Cmd + space and Cmd + T) that relaunches the last Spotlight command you entered

Light ImageResizer (completely free).

Recently I was searching for a free image resizer app where I can batch resize a set of photos. I found Light ImageResizer which does the job pretty well to be honest.Heres the link:​

If you want to print from your iPhone but don't have AirPrint, use Automator folder actions and Dropbox to fake it

You can click-hold the volume indicator on tabs in safari to get more sound options.

Just found this tidbit and thought I would share. Never seen it before.Cheers