Top 10 Loseit tips

If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, you have access to tons of gyms for only $29/mo.

I recently just got Blue Cross Blue Shield dental insurance, and one of the perks they have is a program called Blue 365. After signing up, you have access to Blue Fitness, which is a fitness program that gives you membership to multiple gyms (including the Y, Anytime Fitness, and other local gyms). It's a $29 enrollment fee and then a $29 monthly fee. This is an incredible deal and allows you to go to several different gyms. I highly recommend checking this out if you're covered by BCBS! Best of luck with your weight loss goals!

If you like cream cheese but have been avoiding it while counting calories, try buying Neufchâtel cheese instead. Tastes almost exactly the same, but with 30 fewer Kcal per ounce.

Obviously, I'd still consider it in the "rare treat" category of foods, but hey, 30 Kcal a serving makes a difference!Neufchâtel cheese is usually found right next to the cream cheese in the grocery store with nearly identical packaging.Simple article going over the differences a little more:

To avoid eating everything in front of you, create a signal that you're done eating.

I'm a plate clearer. Ever since I've been watching my calories, I've been trying to leave a little bit of food on my plate after every meal to break that habit. Today I realized I've actually gotten into a routine when I'm done eating. As I'm eating, and I'm done with one portion of my food I push it to the far side of the plate. When I'm done eating I crumple up my napkin, throw that in the center or the plate, and lightly nudge the plate away. I realized I was doing this when I was eating breakfast and felt I was full. I was having an internal argument about wanting to eat the biscuit on my plate but how I shouldn't when I felt full. Once I went through my little routine that nagging desire to just eat the biscuit went away. Not sure where I picked this up, but I think it'll be useful at restaurants or family dinners. Anyone else do something similar?

Measuring is better than guessing, guessing is better than nothing.

It's Macmillan Coffee Morning today which means my gym was giving away cake in exchange for donations. I thought what the hell and had a piece. I just put it in to MFP as 200 calories (I took a thin slice so as not to be greedy). In previous weight loss attempts this kind of thing always bothered the hell out of me. Now I just put down my best guess and forget about it. It was yummy btw :D

Instead of throwing clothes out, get a sewing machine!.

I recently asked my mother to show me how to take in clothes because I was tired of throwing out good clothes and buying new ones. I have a very large closet with good brands, mostly from Macy's (Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, etc.). I still love these items, but my top half has shrunk a lot and I can't wear most of them. A new sewing machine, on sale, runs about $150. While a mid-range machine probably isn't heavy duty enough to take in thick fabrics like jeans, my mom's did a fine job of taking in many of my shirts a couple of sizes. It wasn't hard to learn and I'm planning to get my own mahcine soon. It's also MUCH less expensive than buying new items!

Hiking is free in State Parks in all 50 US States on January 1st.

Google: First Day Hike <your state name> or Visit: parks in all 50 states, will offer a First Day Hike. These guided hikes are led by rangers, naturalists and volunteers and showcase the beauty and some of the unique natural features of each park while encouraging hiking as a healthy and inexpensive activity for all ages.The first First Day Hike took place more than 25 years ago at the Blue Hills Reservation in Massachusetts. Since then, the event has been promoted by the National Association of State Park Directors and America's State Parks. According to its website, last year more than 55,000 participants joined in 1,100 guided First Day Hikes across the country, logging more than 133,000 miles to kick off the year.

Import a car with the wheel opposite the rest in your country so you cannot use drive-thru windows.

Now that I've got your attention:I am at the beginning of a weight loss journey, having started an HMR diet last April and having lost 64lbs//29kg so far. I still have a quite a ways to go, but I have decided to take what I am learning and combine it with my desire to write and am building a website to document my process and explore aspects of health and culture, particularly in the United States, in a unique and hopefully entertaining way.One of my posts is going to be a parody of clickbait or trashy magazine articles advertising "Twenty simple ways to get thin" or whatnot filled with funny dumb ideas like this post's title.I'd love to hear your suggestions.Thank you!(If this post violates the guidelines please let me know, first time posting here and not sure if this counts as self-promotion if I don't actually link to my site.)

Reduce your daily calorie intake by a small number every day until you get to your target caloric intake.

For example, let's say you know that you're eating 1500 calories per day, and you want to get to 1200, which is what you need to eat in order to lose x number of lb per week.You eat 50 less calories per day (which is unnoticeably small), every single day, and after less than 1 weeks, you went from 1500 to 1200. This is just way one of doing it, you can even do less than that, such as 25 calories per day, and after 12 days you still get to the same point.

Resisting a junk food craving feels WAY better than actually eating the junk...

Just maybe not in the moment. I was at the grocery store and saw a tub of buffalo chicken dip. It's delicious, but I would have felt like crap after buying it; you know how I know? I bought the same tub (plus a large bag of tortilla chips) last time I went shopping and ate the whole thing by myself over the course of a few days. That's what... 1100 calories for the dip, 1200 for the chips? Total junk. An hour later, I made a delicious lunch within my calorie goals. A turkey-avocado sandwich, pretzels & spicy hummus, a bowl of grapes, coffee, and lime-water. I feel great about my lunch. I feel great about resisting junk food that not only would've been an unhealthy snack today, but probably an unhealthy snack every day for the next week. I feel proud of myself. If I had gotten the junk food, I would've felt, at best, indifferent, and at worst, ashamed. Hope this helps someone out there!

Working out and eating less is just a daily exercise of doing your best.

This is more of a shower thought but I've read some posts about people being scared of trying to do a certain workout or diet and I just thought "Why are you scared? Just do your best, that's all you can do." I understand that maybe you're scared you don't get the results you want right away, but all you have to do is just try. That's all. Just try it. So go for it, try all of the things!