Top 10 Loseit tips

If you're a night owl, don't wake up at 5 AM to work out. Just do it in the afternoon. Seriously. It's FINE.

I like my late nights. I like my late mornings. For several months as a kid, I woke up at 5 AM on the dot to get to the gym every day.Did I lose weight? Yes. Everything else in my life suffered because I wasn't ever able to get to sleep at 9pm on the dot. I felt like I was living life in a haze.Don't do this to yourself if you're like me. Just go in the afternoon. If that means you have to take 2 showers instead of 1 that day, acceptable losses - or, alternately, swap to taking showers at night before you sleep.But don't trade your sleep quality to attain some arbitrary societal standard of being Morning Gym Guy. It's just not worth it.

If you can't stop thinking about that late night snack, commit to eating it in the morning instead.

I have actually made the trip to Taco Bell in the morning because I had made this promise to myself the night prior. But the point here is that you assure that your calorie count for the day is locked that night. DONE DEAL! Now, you will most likely wake up in the morning not wanting the treat anyway. BUT this is a promise you make to yourself whole heartedly that if you want it in the morning you can absolutely have it; it will just count for the next day. "schmooze_it, I promise you can eat ______ tomorrow as soon as you wake up."It's a contract I make with my future self. It's a trick that works for me, and I hope it helps someone else.

Make a physical representation of your weight loss for you to feel the weight you have lost.

I was seeing results on the scales but not in the mirror so I decided to grab a bar weight and stick on enough disc weights to equal the weight I had lost (10kg). It was so heavy! I couldn’t believe that I had stopped carrying that much weight around and not noticed the difference. Suddenly I felt a lot more accomplished and motivated to keep going. If you don’t have a bar weight / gym nearby then grab a scales, put something flat on top as a base and then load it up with enough items to equal your weight. Not a major life changing tip but it helped me out on a low day so hopefully it might help someone else too.

This is your reminder to DRINK WATER!.

Want to replace soda or juice in your diet? Drink water! Got a reoccurring cramp or headache? Try water! You could be dehydrated.Think you're hungry? Have some water first, it could be that you're thirsty!I personally forget to drink water all the time and it shows. Do yourself a favor and have a sip of water or fill up your cup after reading this post!

If you're eating late at night and going over your cals for the day, log those foods for tomorrow, so that way you remember to eat less the day after and it evens out.

Let's say it's 10pm and let's say you magically ate 200-400cals of stuff (over your limit) because you took the wrong turn into some magical room with a freezer with ice cream in it... well, what I would do is log that ice cream in the next day, so that I know I will have less to eat the next morning. It may sound extreme, and I've been in scenarios where I did this 2 days in a row, and it wasn't until the 3rd day that it evened out... so eventually I do stay true to my weekly average... and when that happens, it's nice.Edit: Wow okay guys, here's your warning: DONT DO THIS IF YOU TEND TO GO THROUGH BINGE-EATING/STARVATION-CYCLES.

Log the bad days. Even if you feel terrible about it, it keeps you honest and re-frames your "cheats" food in occasional "indulgence" and long term thinking.

I logged every day I could: (the gaps are due to vacation/lack of internet/etc but i tried logging as many as i could while out)When I had an off day, I logged it. I saw yes, it was not what I wanted, but often not as bad as I thought. Logging it helps re-frame My thinking. It's not "I failed today" but I'll keep going tomorrow because one day wont break the goal. How does this compare to my weekly average? How does this compare to my average TDEE?My TDEE is 2400-2500 calories and I aim for 1600 calories a day. Even Were I to eat TWICE my calorie intake at 3200 calories, I'd gain at most a quarter of a pound. Today I overshot my goal, but tomorrow live goes on and I'll shoot closer to 1600 calories.

How I deal with cravings...

Hey All,This may not be a huge revelation but it was kind of an “ah-ha” moment for me that has helped a lot, so wanted to share. My fiancé and I were recently watching an old episode of “Naked and Afraid” and the contestant was a rehab counselor/former addict. When things were at their worst, he said he’d handle the hunger/misery the same we he handles sobriety - he’d just ask himself if he could wait one more hour before giving up. And if he couldn’t do that, he’d ask if he could wait one more minute, rinse, repeat. While his situation was obviously different, asking myself in the throes of a craving if I can wait five more minutes has helped me avoid caving more often than not. I think it will make a big difference over a long enough timeline!Hope it helps you all too!

The best decision I ever made was not starting on a Monday.

Over the last few years when I needed to loose weight I always said to myself that I’ll start on Monday, giving me the weekend to indulge. When Monday came around I kept it up for a good few days, weeks sometimes, then when a weekend came I allowed myself to eat junk because I could just start again on Monday! This was a never ending cycle, just resulting in even more weight gain. Then one random Friday morning I had enough of waiting and started CICO without thinking or planning. It gave me motivation over the weekend, then I felt even better on Monday as I had already started and was in the swing of things. My progress from then on improved massively.

When you are on a roll... don't stop.

Last November, I started to count my calories, and lift heavy weights. I dropped 25lbs in 6 months (safely). At around that mark, I was feeling better about myself and appearance. So much so, that I gave in to a little pleasure and drank a little more wine, ate a little more food, etc. Fast forward to September, and I had gained 6 pounds. Fast forward to last week, where I gained another 3 pounds in a month. 9 pounds gained BACK in only 4 months. DO NOT STOP your routine if you feel good. KEEP GOING!! You can do it!! I'm currently back to diligent calorie counting and daily exercise, down 2 pounds!

Losing weight will not bring you happiness alone.

I've heard everything that you have heard. the "people just treat you better if you lose weight" "people will think you're a better more interesting person if you are attractive!" Look. I've heard all these things. Hell, in the beginning it was part of the reason I started. If you are like I was, dealing with self esteem problems, body image issues, Confidence issues, Depression, Losing weight alone will not solve your problems. Sure, it may help a little, but self improvement is a journey. Try working on the all of you, inside and out, not just your appearance. It wont happen in one day, but it will happen. I started working out and eating healthy, but I also started to buy self help books, going to counselling, and also tried to push the limits of what I was comfortable with. Because of all this, the other day I woke up and found the mirror no longer my enemy. I wish the same for you.