Loseit tips

If you like cooking and miss your old dishes, contact a shelter to see if they take premade donations.

I'm still cooking now for myself and for my family, but I've got no audience for some of my favorite meals. I find that sometimes I'd slip because I missed the familiar process, the aroma, etc. I found out that 2 of our local shelters accept food prepared in homes. They've got criteria for how it is to be given (frozen inside of a ziplock bag in the shape of a particular container so that they can easily reheat). So now when I get that urge to cook something I shouldn't be eating I can whip up a big batch, scoop out a tablespoon for myself, and then donate the rest. I stay within my calorie range and I can feel good about it. If you're looking for a shelter that accepts donated cooked items in your area try ones run by Americorps. Alternately, you can always plate into a few individual servings and hand out to people saying they are hungry. Cheers!


I’ve struggled for 15 years with my weight, it’s only now that I’ve started meticulously measuring out my food on a scale and tracking it accurately, rather than guesstimating, that I’ve managed to consistently lose weigh (34 pounds in 6 weeks 210lbs - 176lbs). I wish I took this advice seriously when I heard it for the first time.Tip #2 eat more vegetables! Lol it sounds obvious but I see so many posts of people’s food and so often they don’t have veggies! I’ll usually make what I want to eat, and then have a big side salad or side of greens! Makes such a massive difference and there are relatively no calories in comparison to whatever else you’re eating. Here’s to finally being on the right track!

Try holding the equivalent weight that you've lost.

Yesterday I managed to hit a milestone of 1 stone (14lbs) total weightloss, and I am completely exstatic. Today however, I went into the gym and tried holding 14lbs in my hands to see what it felt like, and I CANNOT believe how heavy it felt. The weights even looked fairly large... I can't believe that used to be on my body!I'm currently doing CICO using Myfitnesspal and I've been accidentally intermittent fasting by skipping breakfast; so far I'm losing pretty much exactly what I should be compared to my calorie intake. This is the first time in years any exercise weightloss routine has worked for me and I'm over the moon about it!

How to handle homemade or ad-hoc recipes in MyFitnessPal.

For example: I have a recipe for say meatloaf, I want to know how many calories are in a portion...Weigh and enter the ingredients as a recipe in MyFitnessPal.In metric:* enter the raw ingredients (by weight) into a recipe* weigh the entire finished item in grams* divide by 100 so you get how many 100g servings it makes* enter that for "number of servings"In Imperial:* enter the raw ingredients (by weight) into a recipe* weigh the entire finished item in ounces* divide by 4 so you get how many 4 ounce servings it makes* enter that for "number of servings"Once entered, logging from recipes are easy. With servings of 100g or 4 oz. since you can multiply or divide that quickly based on how much you end up eating, and if you do this for every recipe you won't have to try to remember just how big a serving was (tip: put 100g or 4oz in the recipe title to help you remember the serving size).Hope this helps!

Don't try to revamp all of your eating habits and exercising overnight - it's too much and not sustainable - 3 steps to a healthier lifestyle (what worked for me).

Usually when we're ready to lose weight, we get super excited, but doing too much too soon just leads to being overwhelmed and isn't sustainable in the long run. About 5 years ago, I decided to make some serious changes and I dropped 30 pounds and I've kept it off. Instead of doing a diet or hiring a trainer, I just decided to eat better and I gradually started working out. The very first step I took was to simply lose weight. I wasn't worried about exactly what I was eating, I just wanted to drop the pounds. After I did that, I started eating better, and THEN I started really exercising regularly. I think that was one of the best decisions I could've made - to just take one step at a time. Less overwhelming and WAY more realistic.

Layer Up for the Cold Season.

Last winter I was cold. Real cold. It was my first winter where I was a lot leaner than the last and I realized just how much insulation fat provides against the harsh winter temps. Or rather how little insulation we have without the extra weight to help keep us warm and toasty.With frigid times on the horizon (or already in full effect in colder climates) I just wanted to forewarn those who lost a lot of weight this year. Bundle up! Layers, layers, layers. Especially if you're still in a caloric deficit the cold will chill your fingers, your toes and pierce you to your bones.Don't let old man winter derail your loseit plans by getting you sick. Stay warm everyone!

Import a car with the wheel opposite the rest in your country so you cannot use drive-thru windows.

Now that I've got your attention:I am at the beginning of a weight loss journey, having started an HMR diet last April and having lost 64lbs//29kg so far. I still have a quite a ways to go, but I have decided to take what I am learning and combine it with my desire to write and am building a website to document my process and explore aspects of health and culture, particularly in the United States, in a unique and hopefully entertaining way.One of my posts is going to be a parody of clickbait or trashy magazine articles advertising "Twenty simple ways to get thin" or whatnot filled with funny dumb ideas like this post's title.I'd love to hear your suggestions.Thank you!(If this post violates the guidelines please let me know, first time posting here and not sure if this counts as self-promotion if I don't actually link to my site.)

Reduce your daily calorie intake by a small number every day until you get to your target caloric intake.

For example, let's say you know that you're eating 1500 calories per day, and you want to get to 1200, which is what you need to eat in order to lose x number of lb per week.You eat 50 less calories per day (which is unnoticeably small), every single day, and after less than 1 weeks, you went from 1500 to 1200. This is just way one of doing it, you can even do less than that, such as 25 calories per day, and after 12 days you still get to the same point.

Hiking is free in State Parks in all 50 US States on January 1st.

Google: First Day Hike <your state name> or Visit: http://www.stateparks.org/initiatives-special-programs/first-day-hikes/State parks in all 50 states, will offer a First Day Hike. These guided hikes are led by rangers, naturalists and volunteers and showcase the beauty and some of the unique natural features of each park while encouraging hiking as a healthy and inexpensive activity for all ages.The first First Day Hike took place more than 25 years ago at the Blue Hills Reservation in Massachusetts. Since then, the event has been promoted by the National Association of State Park Directors and America's State Parks. According to its website, last year more than 55,000 participants joined in 1,100 guided First Day Hikes across the country, logging more than 133,000 miles to kick off the year.

Instead of throwing clothes out, get a sewing machine!.

I recently asked my mother to show me how to take in clothes because I was tired of throwing out good clothes and buying new ones. I have a very large closet with good brands, mostly from Macy's (Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, etc.). I still love these items, but my top half has shrunk a lot and I can't wear most of them. A new sewing machine, on sale, runs about $150. While a mid-range machine probably isn't heavy duty enough to take in thick fabrics like jeans, my mom's did a fine job of taking in many of my shirts a couple of sizes. It wasn't hard to learn and I'm planning to get my own mahcine soon. It's also MUCH less expensive than buying new items!