Top 10 Los angeles tips

Decide your “plan of attack” to minimize your time traveling between the lower level and upper level.

If there’s anything you take away from this list of Universal Studios tips and tricks, you should DEFINITELY remember this. Let the geography of the Universal Studios Hollywood park guide you. Because the park is built right in the middle of the city on a hill, the park has different levels that can take quite a bit of time to go back and forth between. This is why we suggest that first, you hit up The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, then go straight to the lower lot and knock out all the attractions down there (Revenge of the Mummy℠ – The Ride, Transformers™: The Ride-3D, and Jurassic World – The Ride, as well as the Raptor Encounter and Optimus Prime attractions). Afterwards, you can head back up the the upper lot, and spend the rest of the day up there!

Consider the VIP experience.

While we’ve never gotten to chance to experience the Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Experience package ourselves, it does sound pretty darn cool! This package includes valet parking, unlimited priority access to rides and shows, a personal expert guided tour of the park, breakfast in an exclusive, private VIP lounge, backlot access to the sound stage as well as the prop warehouse and other super cool restricted areas. If that’s not enough, you also can chow down at a gourmet all-you-can-eat lunch at the Moulin Rouge dining room. We recommend buying the Universal Studios VIP Experience here for a discount. Please note: it’s not cheap, and there is limited availability for the VIP package. Children under the age of 5 are also excluded from this VIP offer.

Get a Tent for Shade

You can get a 20’ x 10’ tent for about $150 in Home Depot. It gets pretty windy here (especially around the beach) so we usually have to weigh our tent/s down to prevent them from flying away. Wrapping plastic around the poles of the tent may serve as a good windbreak that will increase drying time, which will increase the time you have to work the overlay.

Stay calm and collected

The opposing counsel may ask questions that seem irrelevant or silly, but try not to appear annoyed by the questions or the deposition. Staying calm and giving honest, thoughtful responses to all questions is the best course of action.

Attorney-client privilege

Remember that communications between you and your attorney are privileged, meaning that what is discussed between you and your attorney is off-limits in a deposition. Do not answer any question asking for this type of information. Allow your attorney to object when such questions are asked.

If you move to LA from New York, don't talk about how much better New York is than LA.

Always tell the truth

This one goes without saying, but tell the truth! Nothing ruins a case faster than exaggerating, misrepresenting, or otherwise telling an untruth. Perjury (giving false testimony) is not only a crime but will also likely destroy your case. The opposing party probably doesn’t care about little details, but if you say something contradictory they will use this to undermine your credibility.

The Studio Tour is offered in Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish and English.

Make sure to visit Guest Relations for tour times in you’d like to go on a tour in a language other than English!

Listen to your attorney

You cannot confer with your attorney while a question is pending, i.e., before you give an answer. If you need to speak with your attorney during the deposition, request a break or to use the restroom to prevent having the request to speak with an attorney on record.

If you bring a young kid(s), familiarize yourself with the Child Switch program.

If you’re in a party with a child that cannot ride an attraction for any reason, the Child Switch program allows one or two adults to wait with the child in the Child Switch room of that attraction. That way, when the remainder of your party finishes the ride, you can simply switch with them and ride on the ride, without having to wait in line again! You can take advantage of this Child Switch program by asking an employee at the ride entrance.