Top 10 Los angeles tips

And when you get to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, don’t miss a thing!

Definitely wander around Hogsmeade, catch a pic with the conductor of Hogwarts Express, sip on a good Butterbeer, and don’t you dare miss Ollivanders’ magical wand shop! As for rides, be sure to check out the kids-friendly Flight of the Hippogriff and the slightly more intense Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey inside of the stately Hogwarts castle. Even the line up to the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride is a spectacle, with moving portraits that have A LOT to say, so pay attention!

Apply The Overlay (and The Sealer) in The Coldest Possible Points of The Day (or at Night)

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Unfortunately, when it comes to decorative concrete, you can’t start working right after sunrise. You have to wait until the morning dew has dried up, which normally happens between 8AM and 9AM. Unless there’s a heatwave, you’re going to get a milder temperature until about 11AM, which gives you enough working time to coat most projects less than 2,000 sq. ft. After this window, your second best bet is to start a little before the sun sets (around 6:00 – 6:30PM). If you’re worried the sun will set before you can finish, get yourself some high wattage LED lights from Home Depot. They’re usually bright enough to do the trick.

Don't Die In The Heat Today.

Drink water. Sometimes water is not enough, have some electrolytes also. Coconut water or sports drinks. No soda, soda badIf you don't have frozen water bottles in your freezer then you done messed up. Put some in now for later and tomorrow. Also don't leave kids, dogs or old people in the car, not cool at all. Headaches, dizziness and cramps are early warning signs of heat exhaustion. Give homeless people some cool water if you have extra. Be ready for the power to go out and have a contingency plan. Have a nice day I hope you don't die.

Mix the Overlay with Cool Water

Not much to expand on here, just make sure the water isn’t too cold.

Place Your Mix In The Shade

This is common sense. When you mix your bucket of overlay, make sure not to leave it in direct sunlight. It’s better to have to carry it a few feet every time you need to pour some down than to be rushed while applying.

Avoid Leaving Masking Tape Overnight if You Can

Masking is really time-consuming as it is. Try not to create even more work for yourself by leaving it overnight (or for several days). If left on for too long, the masking tape is bound to either rip in very small pieces while pulling it off, to leave a hard-to-remove residue after it’s been peeled off (or both). We try to avoid all of these as best as we can.

But remember, Ollivanders Wand Shop does not accept express passes.

When we showed up to the wand shop, the wait time was around 20 minutes, which seemed like FOREVER since we’d been spoiled by our express passes the whole time, so keep that in mind! It’s worth it if you want to see some magic spells!

If you visit in certain seasons, you can check out the “Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle” light event!

While we didn’t get to experience this for ourselves, we’ve heard it’s AMAZING! Using the castle as a backdrop, audiences are delighted by a fantastic display of light, music and special effects. The darkest creatures and villains, including he-who-must-not-be-named himself, the Dark wizard Lord Voldemort, will descend and cloak the castle with all kinds of dark magic! These light shows spellbind audiences in the summer time or around the winter holidays, so there are definitely pluses to attending Universal Studios Hollywood during these busier seasons. READ MORE| Decorate your own cake at the studio of the Ace of Cakes guy

Avoid using all-or-nothing language

Words like “always” or “never” are too definite and may lead to questioning of your credibility if the claims they support can be proven false. Saying something like “I don’t recall doing x” focuses on the present issue and preserves credibility

Don’t be afraid to circle back

During a deposition, if an answer comes to you as to a question asked earlier, you are perfectly entitled to go back to the previous question and provide an answer during the deposition. If the answer doesn’t return to you until after the deposition, you may provide the answer to the question through counsel. Example: “Do you remember when you asked me earlier about the date I was married but I couldn’t remember? Well, now I recall that it was August 15, 1987.”