Top 10 Los angeles tips

Save your parking location on your phone.

The worst thing after a long day at the park is leaving and realizing you don’t remember where you left your car. There are several lots at Universal Studios Hollywood to park at, and it can be confusing remembering where you parked. Avoid the frustration by taking advantage of Google Map’s capabilities on your phone! Read more about finding and saving your parking location here.

Come on a weekday.

The weekends are WAY more packed, with tons of families from the LA area filling the park up for a fun weekend activity. If you CAN come on the weekday (ideally Tuesday-Thursday), you should.

Come in the spring or fall.

The park is less busy in the spring or fall than it is in the summer or around winter holiday time, PLUS the weather is SO much better! LA summers can be oppressively hot, while spring and fall can be rather nice!

Look at the park offerings ahead of time.

It can be helpful to familiarize yourself with the Universal Studios Hollywood park ahead of time, taking just a few minutes browsing through the Universal Studios Hollywood app to get a feel for their rides, shows, and locations of everything. That way, on the day you do arrive to the park, you’re not just completely overwhelmed with everything there is to do! READ MORE| Find out about the best scenic drives in Los Angeles


I repeat. DO NOT. MISS. THE SHOWS. The park’s shows are really where Universal Studios Hollywood shines, and they truly were our favorite part of our entire Universal Studios Hollywood Experience. We attended WaterWorld and the Special Effects Show and had a blast at both of them. I won’t give away any spoilers, but the Special Effects Show had me laughing hysterically! One of the most exciting shows is WaterWorld, a long-running favorite that had us STUNNED with its incredible stunts. But be warned: you may very well get wet.

Bring your kids of all ages!

DUH! There are so many fun things for kids of ALL AGES to enjoy around the park! And in case you didn’t know: children two years old or younger can ENTER THE PARK FOR FREE. Even if they can’t ride the rides, there are some other activities for these youngins that we’ll cover below.

You can rent a single or double stroller near the front of the park.

This is super helpful to know if you have some little ones who get tired throughout the day!

Bring a bathing suit for your little ones!

Kids can splash around in a Wet Zone area known as “Super Silly Fun Land,” even little ones too small for the rides! They’ll love splashing around in the LA heat in the over 80 water play features. You’ll find the Wet Zone near Despicable Me Minion Mayhem.

On that note, prepare to get wet!

Even if you DON’T go to Super Silly Fun Land, you’ll want to prepare for getting wet, as many of the attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood do take advantage of water! This can mean bringing a poncho to wear at WaterWorld or on Jurassic World – The Ride, or just sucking it up and letting that California sun dry you off. Just remember: you will likely get at least a little wet!

Dress comfortably and prepare for sunny weather!

Be prepared and wear comfortable shoes, as well as sunblock and sunglasses (and perhaps a hat). This is Los Angeles, after all, and the sun does get hot here!